Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas, 1912

Christmas 1912
Ashmore Illinois
Galbreath Family
Wednesday Dec 25
A fine Christmas Day. Good roads, clear, mild. Aunt Effie, Uncle Robert, Uncle Ed, Walter and Ina came. Walter brought his coronet, Uncle Ed his violin and they and Clifford along with one of us girls playing the piano, we played all day.
Clifford can read music quickly, Jamie can read music quickly and play the coronet well, but he has not learned yet to transpose. Walter and Ina brought me a traveling case, Mama embroidered pillow cases, Papa a handkerchief, Jamie the book 20,000 Leagues under the Sea. Max a book, Clifford some writing paper.
Aunt Effie brought Max a book. I gave her on of the three handkerchiefs like Esther's (6 year old Esther died in November) Christmas gift to Mama.I kept the other handkerchief. Mama gave Aunt Effie an aluminum cooking spoon and Bessie gave her a box of candy. She brought some candy she had made. Mama and Bessie made our candy which was very good.
I gave Walter and Papa each a calendar with the picture of our house I had drawn.

We could hardly get the musicians to stop playing long enough to eat dinner. I had first begun eating at the second table when Albert, Leonard, and Reynold drove up. Albert has a car now. The afternoon seemed very short.
Alma came later and I gave her a box of candy, and a Japanese cup and saucer. Mama gave her a silver thimble. She gave Aunt Phebe a cooking spoon. Mama gave Ina the money to buy her thimble because her fingers are hard to fit. Mama gave Bessie and me our muffs.
No pictures were taken in 1912 because of little Esther's death just a month earlier.
Merry Christmas to you and yours!


Paulette said...

Merry Christmas to you and yours.

Lottie said...

Ann, thank you for this post. Thank you for sharing your family! I love where a big spoon was a Christmas gift. I would love one for Christmas! Most of all, the family losing Ester right before Christmas must have been hard.

Perfectly Printed said...

Merry Christmas! Thanks for sharing such a touching story!


Ivy and Elephants said...

Thank you for sharing your Christmas filled with love and family. God is good.
Wishing you a happy and blessed new year.

Olive said...

I had to read it twice as I have a headache because I thought it was you. One hundred years ago-WOW.

susie @ persimmon moon cottage said...

A very touching post. A cooking spoon, books, hankies, and money to get a thimble that would fit. Simpler days, but filled with love. I could feel their heartache over little Esther.
Merry Christmas!