Thursday, March 8, 2012

It Almost Passed By.......

We get so busy, but there are times we need to sit and reflect on things.
I was on the run this morning finishing up the issues with my water main break and holding my breathe as the city was determining an adjustment on my water bill....which was $1,070!
They decreased it to $60. I am thinking spring is here and my luck is changing!

But there was a little voice in the back of my mind
It is March 8th

It is my Paternal Grandmother's birthday today. 
She is the original owner of 1515, it is her kitchen I work at making
a kitchen to remind my cousins of Grandma.

She would of been 120 years old today.
I never knew her, but my dear sweet cousins keep her alive everyday by telling me the stories of this wonderful woman.
I am sure we would of enjoyed each others company, we both are nurses, we both love gardening

Grandma and her flowers 1939 at 1515

But most of all we love our family

Hope Grandad is giving you that loving look up in heaven today.


Robin@DecoratingTennisGirl said...

Happy Birthday to Grandma, Ann. I love the way you keep her memory with you :)

Paulette said...

She must be so glad that you live in her home and honor her memory not just today but each and every day. Lovely post.

NanaDiana said...

Awww...Ann. Such sweet memories of your Grandmother. What a blessing that she was part of your life. I am sure she is smiling down and feels happy that you are fixing up her old Earthly home. xo Diana

Rose H (UK) said...

What a sweet post Ann, and I love the dear photo of Grandma and Grandad.
Rose H
Great news on your water bill :o)

Tete said...

happy birthday to your grandma! I am sure that your gramps is looking at the same way he did when they first met...sigh.
I am so glad they cut you some major slack on that water bill! BIG difference! Things are lucky up and the sun will shine again!

Lynn said...

Lovely tribute to your Grandma, Ann. And how nice you have so much in common with her. I imagine she's always close to your heart when you're enjoying time in her old kitchen. I enjoyed catching up on your blog today.
Lynn at Cottage and Creek

Gail said...

Happy Birthday to your sweet Grandma! Beautiful sweet memories you have.

Unknown said...

Happy Birthday to your beloved Grandmother. It's so nice you keep her Birthday special in your heart.

Rebecca said...

I love your tribute posts-and the pictures are great!