Saturday, October 23, 2010

Halloween Post Card Pillow

Happy Seasonal Sunday

I love old postcards and the beautiful graphics on them. I was thinking one could I get more enjoyment out of them? Why not make some pillows with the postcard design on them? So last spring my cousin and I made some from every holiday! We had a great fabric store (since closed ) in my hometown that sold gorgeous designs so we had fun matching the postcard to the material.

I scanned the postcard then used transfer paper to scan the postcard to the paper, then I ironed it on some muslin. We had so much fun sewing that weekend. Here is our Halloween pillow. Someday you will see the Easter, Valentine Day, and Christmas ones we did!

Here is the final product!


Tete said...

Was that fabric shop south of town in the country?
Love the pattern on it!
You need to try Lori's Pins and Needles in Paris! They have tons of cool fabric. They also sell the fat quarters for bows and stuff.
If Judy Coffey didn't wait on you at the mall, then it was me! I worked for them the entire time they were open- 99-01. I loved that place!
Benedicts would have been fun, but the owners were so stressed because we had literally no business after Walmart opened. They knew they would have to close but were trying to hold as long as possible. They were so grumpy in the end, I just quit.
Before Walmart, we used to walk around the square and shop, stop in and eat at Owl's, grab a coke at the drug store.
I loved getting my clothes at Spurgeon's, but I loved the pretties in the basement better!
And the basement at Benedicts! OMG! It was like stepping back in time! All the glassware!
I was in an antique mall where Frommels used to be- they called it Crab Apple Cove, I think. I loved that building, too!
My mom used to tell me of stories when they would go up on the square and spend all day Saturday, shopping, visiting, seeing shows at Will Rogers.
She used to be a soda jerk at Green's when she was in high school!
Her uncle, Vernie McDade, made the ice cream there! He was sworn to secrecy, too, never to tell a single soul about it at all!
With everything you know- you seriously need to write a book.
Have a great weekend- It finally looks like rain here!
Hugs- Tete

Lynn said...

Cute pillow and a fun idea! I like what you did with the ribbon too:@)

Robin@DecoratingTennisGirl said...

The pillow is darling. I didn't know if you knew, but my hutch is Bertie Roberts', so it makes it all the more specia. Ann Roberts had it in the house when they moved to Bertie's and didn't have room for it, so I jumped at the chance to own it. :)

The Tablescaper said...

Great pillow and a great idea. But wait a minute and back up. Can you give some more detail on how you got the post card pattern on the material? I would love to do this.

Thanks so much for being a part of Seasonal Sunday!

- The Tablescaper

Unknown said...

Your pillow is so sweet! I need to get brave one of these days and learn how to use transfer paper!