Sunday, October 10, 2010

Show of Your Cottage Monday

Since I have the upstairs all cleaned I thought I would show you my spare bedroom. Or as we call it "Mom's Room". When ever my Mom came to visit that is where she stayed and she use to laugh and tell me she probably at least owned that room. I bought my house before I was married and my dear Mother was the one that helped me move, paint, decorate you name it, so she earned the room!

Many of the things in the room where my Grandmothers. So take a tour and see if you would enjoy spending the night there!

Sleigh bed that I got at auction for $150, love it dearly. White bedspread I think my parents had when they got married in 1947, still looks new. Had to have the criss cross curtains, they look like the 40's,

Quilts made by my Great Grandmother. Love to sleep curled up under them.

Shelve with things that belonged to my Grandmother. The sampler was a present to my Grandmother when I was close ups here! I was not that talented!

The Windsor rocking chair is small, bigger than a child's but not full size. It was my Grandmothers and it was perfect for her.....she was only 4 ft 9! The pillow my Mom made for me per my request, and I do think of her every time I see it.

Top of wardrobe is all my Grandmothers hats and hat boxes, so glad I kept them. Also my Clark thread spool holder, still trying to find all the colors to fill in.

Dresser top.

Picture of my Maternal Grandmother, who most of these things belonged to. Including the little girl dressed in blue.

Family pictures, postcards and graduation name cards.

Purses I just found tucked in a box!

Grandparents on the way to a Masonic or Eastern Star event. Love the blue and silver purse that I just uncovered in a box.

This is so pretty and filled with her handkerchiefs.

Have always displayed the mesh evening bag, but of course she had the original box it came in.

My Paternal Grandfathers WWI trunk, if I can find a place to put all the things in it, will be headed to 1515 where it started.

My Singer sewing machine I purchased. I remember my Mom had one and she threw it out for the garbage man when she got a new one in the 1960's!

Loved Holly Hobbie when I was young and had the plate hanging in my bedroom when I was little. The other things I found in Grandma's sewing box.

Love the needle packs, especially the mother and baby.

My Moms tiny red doll buggy, it even swivels.

My Grandmothers child's rocker we found under the house in the crawl space. Had no idea she had it!
Built in bookcase, displaying my Mothers baby and adult pictures. Also my and my Paternal Grandmothers Nursing books....that is her Nursing License issued in 1918.

Treasured picture of 4 generations. The baby is my Grandmother with her Mom, Grandmother and Great Grandmother taken in 1904.

So I hope you enjoyed looking around. I am so blessed to surround myself with these things that meant so much to my ancestors. I am just glad I had the sense to save all these things. You see, I bought my house the same time my Grandfather died. Mom use to say " If you don't get the house, your not keeping all these things". Thank goodness I did!

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Tete said...

Could I stay in this room?
What a wonderful place...and what
I have goosebumps. I have so very few family things.
My grandparents and parents threw it out to the garbage man as they prospered and bought new.
My father was a mason and my mother eastern star. I remember them leaving for lodge nights and I remember my mother being a star point and dressing in a green long dress. She was so excited.
What a joy of the photo of your grandparents about to go to one of those events.
You are a good keeper of all things important. I am sure they are all impressed as they look down upon you.
It's such a shame there are not more like you out there.
A+ on preservation!
Hugs- Tete

Robin@DecoratingTennisGirl said...

I love all the things you have saved and preserved. I love your wallpaper. You know what a wallpaper gal I am. What a cozy room :)
p.s. Did I see a "Meis" hat box. Are we talking Terre Haute "Meis?"

Ann@A Sentimental Life said...

Tete- thanks for the kind words! I know how very lucky I am. If your grandparents were around where u live now, then I am sure my grandparents knew yours! My Grandmother was a grand lecturer and I have pics from all the area chapters with her!

Robin- wallpaper is Pansy, and the entire room has pansy things. Yep, a Meis box from Terre haute and a Carson Pierre Scott from Urbana.

Mary said...

What a lovely room~so soothing. Love the furniture and all the pretty family treasures. You are a memory keeper!

Rebecca said...

Oh I'll be over for a slumber party for sure! Thanks for the comment, next time you're in town-give me a call!