Friday, October 1, 2010

October is here! Come on up on the porch and get a taste of Fall.

I love October! For so many reasons, I love the crisp cool air, making pumpkin bread and apple crisp, looking to see what my favorite fall trees look like this year and it is the month of my birthday. My parents and grandparents always made it a special month, and it remains that way to this day for me.

It is a beautiful day out here so I wanted to get the porch decorated. Except for getting some pumpkins and mums it is done. So come up on the porch with me and take a look at what I have done to enjoy this season!

Come on up!

My Dahlia has taken over!

The Mums are ready to burst!
Corn up on the post, how long until the squirrels find them?

Can you the see the cobweb?

I love this window. It looks over the oak staircase. It is always fun to decorate. This is my maternal grandmothers black cat flower pot.

The basket was my Mother in law's......she was going to throw it away! love the apple label on the front. She said she used to as a clothes basket for years. Soon it will be filled with some gourds. The ghost I have had for many years and will light up at night when we are out on the porch

Front Door, come on in!

My green trellis ready for Fall, usually it has vintage water cans hanging from it!

I like to just add some seasonal things to items I have out all year. The bunny and flower pot holds pumpkins instead of a flowers.

Love the bee hive watering can, a present from my friend Patty. Love it!

 Dressed up for Fall!

I can't wait to dress for Fall, you see I am a sweathshirt and jacket girl.  Hope you are planning and dressing for Fall. And another reason I love October? I start my vacation today...yipee!


Tete said...

You haave such a pretty fall post. Hopefully we will have a long fall and you will be able to enjoy it for quite some time!

Marty@A Stroll Thru Life said...

Love your porch and all of your decorations are just wonderful. So pretty and inviting. Gorgeous. Hugs, Marty

Robin@DecoratingTennisGirl said...

So pretty, Ann. I love the trellis on the porch idea!