Saturday, October 30, 2010

Halloween Eve

Are you getting ready for Halloween?

My cousin and I were out for a drive in the county a couple weeks ago and came upon this...just needed a full moon and some darkness. The vultures scared me as it was!

One came at us as we were out in the road taking these shots....ooooohhh

We just thought it was so strange how they were all lined up on the roof. Even one is atop the TV antenna!Enjoy the day!


Tete said...

Oh, that is cool! Just outside of O north of the golf course, they nest in the trees in a line of trees just in front of the river. In the evenings they all come in to sit in the top of the trees. Bunches of them. I don't get out of the van! LOL
On your PS- the store was the Union Hall! Steve- DH- said his dad would have gone there- he lived just south on the corner of 14th and Jackson.
When he married- their 2nd house was 1308 Adams.
My grandparents were 1202 and my mom was on the north corner of Adams and 11th. I know the neighborhood well.

Tete said...

Ann, this is just too fun. 1207 Jefferson would have been right behind my father in laws house.

Small, small world!