Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Auction Fun

I have not been to an auction for several years. My mom would go with me, but since she is gone there was no one willing to make the trek with me. So when I got to 1515 yesterday and some friends called and said "do you want to go to the auction with us?" I jumped at the chance!

Most of the stuff was junk.......or similar to what I just dropped off at Goodwill! But here is what I found. I spent a whopping $4! Now I have never gotten away that cheap at an auction.

3 piece silver serving trays, never out of the box! Biggest purchase...$3. The box with china was .50 cents! Yep, 8 berry bowls, cup and 4 saucers, dinner plate and even a pretty handkerchief!

                           Pretty little tea cup....may be someones Christmas present?

8 berry bowls all in good shape, will use at 1515 no doubt

Johnson Brother Rose Chintz plate in great shape! On the wall in the bedroom? hhhmm?

This was my favorite find a pink Wilendure Tablecloth with the tag on never used. The best price .50 cents! It has some stains but we will see what happens when I wash it. It is going in the pink bedroom at 1515 for the bedside table.

It was a fun day. $4 bought alot of fun and friendship!

1 comment:

Tete said...

Boy howdy, never been to an auction that cheap around here! You must have caught them all sleeping.
Great finds!
Hugs- Tete