Friday, September 17, 2010


Heidi, better known as "Heidi Girl" "Heidi Ho" "Xena Princess Warrior" depending on if I, my husband or her dog sitter Jackie is calling her.
About this time, Heidi is having a "growth " taken off her foot. Needless to say her Daddy and I are very nervous because she is a wonderful baby girl.

The Heidi story started the day we had to put our other German Shepard Sasha to sleep. My brother went with my husband to the vet.....I am a nurse but I just could not go. Instead I had spent the morning on the floor holding her in my arms before they left.

My husband went on to work and my brother came back to check on me. He decided to get me out of the we went to Petsmart to get some carpet cleaner for pet problems. I was relcutant to leave, my mother was in our spare bedroom recovering from gallbladder surgery. As we walked in the automatic doors to the place opened ...........and there in the middle of the entrance THERE SHE WAS! A beautiful 1 yr old female German Shepard looking for a home. How could I even think of doing this? I called my husband crying the entire time....."bring her home" he said. So we did! I am sure the people there thought I was crazy, while I was signing the adoption papers I was crying.

She did great on the ride home. When we got inside, I let her loose and she immediatley ran upstairs and jumped in bed with my mother!! Now she thought ........what on earth!

That night when my husband got home, he knelt down to introduce himself to her and she planted a great big kiss on him!! He smiled "oh, did I need that". She has always been unpredictable in humorous ways.

She loves the snow, hates the heat. Hates to wear the scarfs my mom made for her. Loves her treats. Hates the squirrels and groundhogs. Loves to go for walks and is so happy our neighboor does that everyday with her. Loves to chase the cats. Loves company and children.

I can't imagine my life without I thought Heidi story was worthing telling. Hopefully tommorrow when she comes home, she will be ok. Her dog sitter is bring her home and said " I am staying with her till you get home". She kinda has a way of making you fall in love with her.

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Robin@DecoratingTennisGirl said...

I am so hoping the best for Heidi. You know my Daisey story. We just love our pets so much. Let us all know how the surgery goes.