Sunday, September 12, 2010

Leave a Note

I Just wanted to thank everyone who has been nice enough to "Leave a Note".

This little box always hung outside my Grandparents front door at 1515. In 1978 after my Grandfather died, my cousin Mary took this home with her. It was a sentimental thing to take home, she could remember leaving a note and the little pad and pencil that were inside.

When I bought the house last summer, it was on the first trip of things to "bring back to Grandad's". We had it hung up the first day. She and all of my cousins and brother have been so generous to return items to their rightfull place in the house.

Most people who come to visit, stay or look are in awe of the things we all kept! They all had meaning to us, they represented a part of the whole that made that home a loving place for us to be.

So as we go forward I will be sharing with you things from 1515 and from my home. Hope you enjoy!

Again, thanks for leaving a note!


Robin@DecoratingTennisGirl said...

This is too cute and what a sentimental treasure! I will have to leave a note, next time I am by!

Rebecca said...

How cool is that-I'm always looking for things from this farm-remind me to tell you a couple of stories of things I can't get when we get together-I hope!