Thursday, September 16, 2010

I need to get ready for fall!!

It seems like my mom said, the older you get.....the faster time goes! I need to get my fall decorations out. I have the outside of 1515 done and a little on my porch here at home. But here are some scenes from years past........maybe this weekend I will get it done!

This is my pride and Hoosier cabinet in my kitchen. My Grandfather and Mother bought it for me. You see, my Grandfather lived to be in his 90's, so after my Mother retired they spent their retirement running around together!  The teapot and crock are my Grandmother's. I collect gardening antiques so I love the little red wheelbarrow with a pumpkin I inserted. And I love picking nastruims this time of year out of my garden.
How about some fall M&M's!

I collect postcards, many of these are Halloween cards my Mother sent me over the years. I also love the seasonal candles from the 1950's. My Grandmother had many and I have add more of the years. That handsome young man in the picture is my father in December 1943, in front of 1515 prior to going over seas.

My yellow Dahlia is huge, looks good in my Grandmother's American Fostoria Rose Bowl.

But I really can't wait until the trees around 1515 look like this! Love walking in Charleston on the brick sidewalks and the leaves are deep enough they hit your ankles and crunch as you walk!


nannykim said...

My son is moving to the Charleston, SC area from Seattle on Saturday, is he in for a shock as the weather here where I live is in the 90's.!! I have to get some cooler weather before I feel like fall decore! HOWEVEr....I want some of those M&M's now!!...but I shall wait until my bloodwork is done!

Ann@A Sentimental Life said...

Oh it is Charleston IL! Thanks for the comment!

Robin@DecoratingTennisGirl said...

I love your Hoosier cabinet! You already know I have my Granny's hoosier cabinet, which I treasure. She bought it at Holt's in the 30's and that was her only cabinet for many years. I love that little red wheelbarrow!