Thursday, September 9, 2010

A Clothes Basket of Memories

I thought to myself the other day......" I need to throw this clothes basket away, the handle is ripped and hurts to carry it" Then a flood of memories came running back..

The impromptu  bridal shower my maternal grandparents gave me some 30 yrs ago. You see, they came in the front door of the house I grew up carrying that very basket. It was filled with everyday needs to start "house keeping". Flour, sugar, spices, all covered up with linens that my great grandmother had stitched by hand. The other thing they carried, were their wonderful smiles of pride and love for their only granddaughter. A simple but wonderful day.

Who would think a old Rubbermaid clothes basket could make someone so happy twice in a life time. I think I will keep it. You see it is a Sentimental Life!


Robin@DecoratingTennisGirl said...

This is a great story, Ann. I am your first follower and I know you will have great fun in this blogging world. I love sharing with people the things that I love. You have so many family heirlooms to share, I know we will all love hearing about them! Please check out some of my blogging buddies. They are great! Do you want me to give you a shout out with your link on my blog? I would be happy to!

Tete said...

This is the best blog and the best way to remember family. I love the idea of you using your grandparents home as a gathering of cousins and loved ones. So, so cool!
I used to work at Coffey's Antique Mall there in Ashmore, mom grew up in Charleston and my husband, and we have been here in Oakland more than 27 years now.
I'm related to Benjamin Parker and my grandmother was an Adkins. There is an old cemetery right off of 4th Street that has the Adkins' buried there.
I'm going to follow you and see where you take me next!
Hugs- Tete