Wednesday, February 5, 2014

"Well, It Depends on the Weather"

If I hear that one more time I am going to scream!
As we plan the Charleston Riot Anniversary, I keep hearing that over and over and over!
It is March 28-30th!
Not January for gosh sakes.

So let us look at what March looks like!

the forsythia will be blooming!
the trees around the courthouse will be in bloom!

the homes on the house tour will be in their spring glory

the yard will need its first mowing!

oh and my favorite, the redbuds!

pretty pansies!

daffodils in all their glory

Can you feel the sun on your face, the warm breeze, the smell of spring?


Because this is what it looks like today
oh my


Vintage Gal said...

I know how you feel. We just received a fresh dump of new snow this morning. I am dreaming of all the lovely flowers and the fresh spring air ~ ahhh I can feel that sun on my face ;-)

Paulette said...

Soon and very soon it will be Spring, I can't wait.

sweetvintageofmine said...

Hi Ann, I had to laugh at this one...if the weather permits? LOL! I thought of that movie Ground Hog Day...same thing, over and over. Maybe we have had so much bad weather people think we are STUCK in it forever? Anyway, I love your pictures of your town and the REDBUDS!! LOVE the REDBUDS too!! And the daffodils and the pansies.....I could go on and on.......That old timey push mower even looked fabulous, what a swwweeet picture! Blessings~~~Roxie

Gina @ VictorianWannaBe said...

Oh Ann, you teaser you! :) Beautiful Spring photos. We have snow now too. And this too, shall pass.
Have a great rest of your week,

Marissa said...

I can't imagine snow for so long...

We don't get any snow here where we live and have lots of sunshine. almost all year long.
I feel for you northerners!!
your spring photos are beautiful
hang in there.
xo marisa

Pam~ Virginia Retro said...

Gorgeous photos Ann! Love the pansies and those redbuds...gorgeous. Just keep reminding them all that white stuff will be gone. :)

Pat said...

When the saying comes up again, just smile sweetly. Then we all are basking in the sun and gorgeous Spring weather for your event, you can smile sweetly, again!!!

Lorraine said...

I planted about 75 daffodil blubs last fall... but I don't I will see anything until late March at least.... I can't wait.

Brandi said...

I'm so excited that spring has finally arrived. This winter felt like the longest I've ever experienced. I hope all of your snow has since melted and you are enjoying some sunshine.