Monday, January 27, 2014

A Proud Moment

You should just know
my post will be sporadic and probably will be about 
The Charleston Riot

I can't help myself I have been working on this since
Oct 2011!

Maybe some of you can help me....
I need to give a speech and thank you to those who 
have helped when we have our Anniversary Dinner
and I have to do it in front of Lincoln Scholar

So come on friends, give me some pointers!

I do want to start by saying, my journey to that
day started around my Grandfather Winklers
dining room table at 1515
(I am on the far rt)
there he would be holding court, talking to my Dad and who ever was there to listen.
I do remember him saying that his Uncle who was shot in the hand 
"he let the dog lick the wound to heal it"
Oh the things we remember when we are little.
Many of the families in town never mentioned the 1864 event, but mine did and seemed proud of it.
My Grandfather would of been about 7 when his Grandfather (who was shot in the shoulder) who was in the Riot died and 14 when his Uncle died. So I am sure he soaked up every story,
 and in turn my brother and I did the same. 
My brother says he has a recording of Grandad talking about the Riot.
I hope he looks for it! 

So I will just tell a quick story about why the Riot has been such a part of my life,
that it is in honor of my Great Grandfather Winkler, then move in to all the thank yous.
OK now give me your feedback, yeah or NO.

Last week I received this!

The State of Illinois has Proclaimed
March 28-30th as
"Charleston Riot Days"
I have to say I am very proud of our accomplishments.

Hang in there with me in this final push to the end 
60 days from today!!


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