Saturday, September 29, 2012

Don't Wanna Go.........

I am headed to 1515 today.
Do not really want to go.
Have been there too much and want to stay home with this pretty weather.
And yesterday at work was not pretty, as one of my coworkers said,
 "one of the top 5 worst days ever".

So I am going to support cousin Fred.
The wife of his and my Dad's first cousin is having a 
remembrance of her husband today.
It is at the library from 0930-2:30 pm
Are you kidding me, what are we going to do all that time?
He is not even from this town?

Then I thought.............

His poor wife is 90 years old.
She knows life is drawing to and end.
She loved her husband and is trying to hold on to the
memories of the love of her life.

Baby Edwin and his Mother 
His mother died when he was 6.
He and his sister lived with his Grandparents for a while.
Moving around from Grandparents and then to another 
town when his father got remarried.

Picture of my Great Grandparents and 
their Grandchildren
My Dad is in the center behind Papa
and Edwin is behind him

  • He join the Navy and served in WWII

    He became a Professor of Zoology at 
    Southern Illinois University

    He had a full and meaning full life.

    I never met him
    But I know we sometimes have to hold
                                                   on to the past with such a tight grasp....
                so other do not forget who came before them.

    So, I will leave to go, exhausted and dreading a 
    2 hr drive.
    But maybe I am going for Mama and Papa,
    I am sure they were proud of their Grandson.

    and I am going to 
    give a 90 year widow a chance to 
    share her husband.

    Have a great Saturday.


Lottie said...

Thank you for writing this wonderful post! Edwin sounded like a very interesting man.

Paulette said...

Lovely post about Edwin and his life.

Olive said...

You are a loyal and great daughter to all your family Ann.

Bargain Hunting Treasure Seeker said...

What a blessing to be able to give-just being there! Even if she doesn't say thank-you, you can know in your heart that you blessed her today.

I love that you have all of the old family pictures!When my grandparent's house burned down, we lost all of our old family pictures.

Robin@DecoratingTennisGirl said...

You did a good thing, Ann. I am thinking tho I saw not many came? Sorry and hope you get some rest...

Unknown said...

That is so wonderful that you will give her the time that it takes to make her feel so good. That is a good thing..heartfelt time is the best time...

Rose H (UK) said...

Dear Kathy
Edwin certainly DID have a full and meaningful life, and what a hansome young man he was, I imagine that Janet would have been swept off her feet by those dashing good looks!
It's good that you are going, and I'm certain that your Mama and Papa were well and truly proud of their Grandson. It will also give you more of an in-site to his life, and to know his widow better too :o)
I'm sure the exhaustion you feel will be whisked away once you arrive there.
Rose H

ann said...

There are just some things that we dread doing, especially when we are tired. And then we do them. And then we feel much better for having don the right thing.

GardenOfDaisies said...

You being there will make all the difference in the world, to her. Thank you for having a kind and caring heart.