Sunday, September 16, 2012

Come Sit a Spell...

I am at 1515, all alone, no cousins here this am.
So why don't you pour yourself a cup of coffee
or tea and.................
 I have the porch ready for fall.

Where would like to sit?
would you like to swing in the cool breeze of this beautiful morning?

have a seat in the vintage metal lawn chairs
Mr. sanded the side table on Labor Day and some
old yellow paint came popping I said
"no paint"

Or I can give you my seat.
My wicker chair.
Mr. sanded my side table and there we found...
Some green paint peeking through!

The view is the same since my Grandparents moved here in 1926.
That old oak tree has been in all the outdoor pictures.
It has shaded ole Mrs. Alexanders home for 100's of years.
I thought I would throw this in too, my Daddy going to his wedding.
See the old oak and house across the street?
Looks so much the same after 65 years!

Last weekend while out with my girlfriend Pyrex 
hunting I found a pumpkin
it greets you at the front steps

Well, time to go in and get another cup of coffee.

I have a Charleston Riot meeting at 1515 today.
The Executive Director of the 
Illinois State Historical Society is coming!
tomorrow I am being interviewed by the local
newspaper. Maybe 1515 will get a mention?

Hope you have a blessed Sunday.


Susie said...

How cozy and all those good memories. Smiles, Susie

Susan Freeman said...

Such a lovely and inviting porch. I love the swing, the wicker, the chippy table and vintage metal chairs. But what I love most of all is the continuity. How wonderful to live in a home with so many family memories! Have a great Sunday and I hope you get a mention.

Big Hugs,
Susan and Bentley

Sara said...
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Sara said...

1515 looks so lovely all ready for fall! Have a wonderful, relaxing Sunday Ann!


Bargain Hunting Treasure Seeker said...

I'd LOVE to sit a spell on your porch!! It's so homey and inviting!

Gail said...

I would love to come and have a sit on 1515 beautiful porch. I couldn't think of a more lovely place to be to share a cup of coffee with you. Hope you have a wonderful day, Gail

sweetvintageofmine said...

Ann, though I love VINTAGE METAL CHAIRS...I'll choose to sit in the PORCH SWING. I love to makes me feel like a southern belle~and of course, I have a weakness for porches. 1515 is VINTAGE PERFECT! Your decor is welcoming and inviting and I had a wonderful time! From one sweetie to another~~~~Roxie

Rose H (UK) said...

What a great place to sit and chat :o) I'll choose a seat on the swing.
Your porch looks wonderful, and I love your door wreath.
Rose H

Perfectly Printed said...

What a wonderful porch!! I could sit there all day long!!


Unknown said...

I love when things remain the same and more so when it has to do with home, family and friends. Love the photo of your dad..and I will pick the swing to sit on visit the wicker chair...have a great day..

Jenny's Heart said...

Pour me a cup and I'll be right over....teehee. Your porch is a perfect spot to enjoy fall.

Blissful & Domestic said...

Oh my I am in love with those vintage metal chairs. They are absolutely gorgeous. I would love for you to link this up to my Feature Friday Linky Party.

Danielle @ Blissful and Domestic