Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Happy Days.....

I am on vacation, and if you read my blog you know I was hoping for a better vacation and a change in luck from my October vacation.

Yesterday morning started out with a trip to State Farm about my poor car that got hailed on twice in one day. Good news, everything is covered 100%, even car rental. I guess being insurance poor finally paid off.

When I got to 1515 I went straight to What's Cookin to meet the twins and have some lunch.
When it began to rain, Sheryl was upset....? I wondered why?
this is what I saw when I pulled into the driveway at 1515!
Where in the heck did this deck come from?

Those 2 girls!! I could not believe what they did!
They surprised me by having a deck built between the deck and the garage!
What a gift...and tomorrow is their birthday!
Their love and generosity has no bounds, how am I so blessed to have 2 such wonderful cousins?
They even bought flowers, cool metal chairs, and a couple of tables.
They wanted it all done for cousins weekend.
 And yes it was raining, darn!
They even got a little table to put cousin Donna's grill on so we
aren't on the ground cooking anymore.

Now you can come out of the house and it is one step down to the deck then straight out to the garage! Love that! I have never even used the side door to the garage because it was step down, step up, really uneven there, so I just walked around. It was great bringing in groceries last night.

The peonies are blooming and I brought a bouquet in last night for the dining room table. The entire house smells so good! Frank and Felicity, the flamingo's can hardly be seen! Maybe the construction scared them?

It is raining again. I have been working on cleaning out my bedroom closet here.
Tonight it is on to the auction with my friend Cheryl after dinner with the twins and cousin Fred.


Tete said...

I want those cousins! I can't get a deck done to save my life here! Send them this way with their carpenter ASAP!
RAIN. Spoiled my day out. Plans change and we are going to be eating tons of food tonight!

Keetha Broyles said...

I believe that is called a staycation, and what a LOVELY surprise to come home to a new deck!

I love it.

Even in the rain.

Olive said...

they are the best and sweetest cousins...tell them I said so...and you relax a spell...elevate those feet, get some venous return...breath and enjoy dear Ann...hugs olive

Rose H (UK) said...

What a splendid, sweet gift! I bet you love your cousins to bits :o)
Rose H
P.S. Glad the insurance will cover that damage.

Mecky said...

Oh how wonderful of them to do that for you! Those chairs are absolutely wonderful!

My peonies are almost gone already. They came early and were beautiful, but last night's storm did them in. Spring flowers never last long enough, do they?

NanaDiana said...

OMGOODNESS! WHAT a wonderful surprise~ Can you believe it? AND I love those chairs!

I am so glad your car is fully covered. xo Diana

Have a Daily Cup of Mrs. Olson said...

What an awesome surprise. I'd say you have some great cousins. Love, love the chairs! Have a wonderful vacation. Happy that the car is covered!

Curtains in My Tree said...

what a wonderful treat for you , great cousins you have they can be my cousins also LOL, so happy you have someone like that in your family

the deck furniture is wonderful

C'est moi Claudette said...

WOW WOW WOW Ann. WHat beautiful cousins you have. They sure have style and know what a woman wants. That is so so sweet.
LOVE LOVE LOVE those chairs!!!!
Have a great week. I'm getting ready to leave too.
See you when I get back.