Thursday, January 27, 2011

A Loving Tribute to Lee Ann

Doesn't my friend Lee Ann look like she is alot of fun to be with? She was...

This was taken on our last outing together, she insisted we have champagne for lunch! So I did, it was wonderful...the food..the champagne...the laughs and the love of a friend.

Lets start at the beginning

I met Lee Ann when she owned a antique store in the town where I lived. I loved to go there, she moved the merchandise fast, things were cheap, she knew what I liked and she had a table in the entrance for what ever holiday was next with a color scheme.

I went there almost every Saturday. When my Mom came to visit she would go with me and purchase some things too. Sometimes my Mom would find something good before me! Then my Mom died unexpectedly, I was a little lost soul. The first trip back to see Lee Ann I am sure she could see my pain. From then on she was there for me, helping me get through the rough times. Mom died in November so for Christmas Lee Ann took me to the symphony for a beautiful Christmas concert. We would plan small outings to go antiquing. When my husband and I were awarded "Yard of the Month" in our hometown she was at my house with me when they came to bring the sign to put in our yard.

The next year her husband got a new job in Indiana. I hated to see her move, but she was just a hour and half away from my cousin, so we would go see her when I went to Indiana. That is where the picture of her of her was taken at a great bistro where we had lunch.

Here is a picture of her wonderful store that was in Lafayette Indiana

She had the best things and was so talented with displays. She loved having the window to fix up.
Then her store was damaged by a wind storm and water damage and she had to close. Not long after that they moved to Minnesota. I always looked forward to every holiday, Easter, Valentine, Thanksgiving, Christmas because she would sent a vintage or handmade card. This Christmas the card did not come, there was nothing for sale on her ebay site?

I found out today my dear friend is no longer with us.....
It took the breathe out of me, how could someone so vibrant, so fun, great laugh with so much to give be gone? I have never lost a friend before. I have lost most of my family over the years but no friends. I don't think  I am ready to move into that phase of life.

She brought so much joy to me at a very lonely time in my life and for that I will have her in my heart forever. I pray that there is someone there for her daughter and husband like she was for me.

Love you Lee Ann


Tete said...

Oh, Ann, I am so sorry...I have never lost a friend to death...I have never been left behind. Lee Ann was so beautiful and your post is such a grand tribute to her and everything she was to you. God sends "angels" into our lives when we need them most. There are no chance meetings. I had my "angels" when my mom died.
You and her family will be in my prayers for healing your borken hearts.
If you need anything, I'm a click away.
Hugs and Prayers- Tete

Victorian1885 said...

Hello Ann
I am sorry to hear about your dear friend. She will always be with you in your heart..take care.


Rebecca said...

Oh my gosh-how awful for you. There will always been that little loss for you-and I hate when someone like her is taken too early(something I hope we find out when we meet Jesus). I do know it makes us appreciate every day and enjoy it. Thank you for sharing this story-I know it was painful for you!

LV said...

A very touching story. What really hurts is one day they are here and the next they are gone. We have no promise of the next second. That is why I try to live every day the best I can. I was devastated when we lost one of our blogging friends, CC. I never met her in person, but felt as though I had. I miss her even today.

Decor To Adore said...

I am sure that this was a horribly unexpected shock. I do hope you will be comforted by your memories of your sweet friend.

Blessings to you.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I'm so sorry for you. You've been lucky to know her.

I read your post about the greeting card book. I'll bet that book is really interesting.

Tatiana said...

i feel so sorry for you dear.. try to keep all the memories of your friend in your heart.. you know she will always be with you somehow..

Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

So sorry to hear of the loss of your friend. It is so hard when the news comes so unexpectedly. Every day I ponder life and the reality that it can all be over in an instant. None of us knows how much time we have. It is our duty to do our best and be our best on this journey. Hugs and blessings, Tammy

Debbie said...

Oh my goodness Ann! This just reaffirms how precious life is. From one day to the next, we just never know.
I am so sorry for your loss. LeeAnn was a gift, and you appreciated her. I'm sure you were a blessing to her, as she was to you.

Grannys Attic said...

So so sorry about your dear friend! May the love and peace of our GOD give you and the family a time for healing in the days to come. Sending prayers your way. We lost a very dear friend today in a car accident. Say a prayer for his family please. Blessings, VIcky

Jocelyn said...

Oh Ann, I am so sorry to hear about Lee Ann. I too lost my best friend 6 years ago. We had been friends for almost 20 years. And like Lee Ann, she laughed and loved me unconditionally. I miss her so much. I hope and pray the Lord will bless you with another sweet friend to come along side of you and lift you up.