Thursday, January 20, 2011

I took the Tete Challenge!

Tete At Beyond the Garden Gate put out a challenge to take some pictures of random ordinary things, to look at them here is mine. Snow pics with Heidi girl shots added in!

Mom this is ALOT of SNOW!

Poor birdies

So glad this is not the way to work...down the hill!

Today he is blowing snow off of his toes!

No petunias here!

Mom! the snow is blowing in my eyes!

And for Tete...indoor shadows and light

That is what I saw today!


Martha said...

Great pictures!!! I do so LOVE snow pictures!

Tete said...

Love it! You did such a good job and you have a lot of snow. And one great doggie!
We have 5 inches here- the winds are going to pickup to 25 mph- the snow is dry, and you know what that means. I don't think you'll be coming home this weekend.
The temp is to be somewhere from -2 to 3, and with the wind chills, everyone should stay home and hide!
Thanks for playing along today!
Hugs- Tete

ann said...

Looking good. or Good Looks? Looks quite cold, too. cheers ann

LV said...

Lovely snow sights,k but I am glad we do not have that here. Snow really does make for some nice shots.

Anonymous said...

cool, I enjoyed them all! Such pretty snow too and it is fun how snow changes things!

Robin@DecoratingTennisGirl said...

I love the snow pics, Ann. Are you coming home this weekend??? I was suppose to head to St. Charles tomorrow morning, and spend time with my cousins, but not sure about the roads now. I also saw that Chicago was suppose to get more snow on Sat.???

Honey at 2805 said...

That's a lot of snow! Be sure to stop back in for my giveaway.

Carolyn said...

Lots of beauty for you to see! We are getting some snow tomorrow night-or so they say.

Have a good weekend,


Rebecca said...

She always sees things differently-you did great too!

Sweet European Dreams said...

We're in CO, but you have WAY more snow than we've seen all winter! Love the pic of the lawn furniture covered in snow - now that's ironic. thanks for stopping by my page today. Following! -diane