Saturday, October 2, 2010

Pink Saturday

Since I am new to blogging I found out today is "Pink Saturday"! How good for me! I have soooo much pink! Pink bedrooms, pink dishes, pink front door you name it, I have it in Pink!

But my most cherished Pink is this...............................

This Pinky. He has a interesting story, I hope you will follow. You see the first time my Mom and I saw Pinky was in August 2002 at local mall that was having a pet adoption drive. We were so drawn to him because he actually looked PINK! He was about 6 months old and was found in a abandoned house in the town I was born in. We went on about our way and did not think about him again.

Later in the month my Mother came down to visit me. She soon pulled out of her purse something she had cut out of the local paper. The piece of newspaper held the "Pet of the week". Yes, you guess it, it was Pinky! I asked my Mom if she wanted to get him? She had never been a cat person, but thought it might be nice, since we had lost the family dog a few years before and she really did not want a dog again.

Since my Mom came to visit for her birthday, I thought Pinky would make a great present. I called the animal shelter to see if they would "hold" him till we got home......unfortunately the answer was NO. I was disappointed but I was persistent and called the shelter everyday till we got home.

On the ride home I kept asking my Mom, "do you want to go get the cat?" she really could not decide. Then we got to a point in the road where we had to make the choice and she said "oh let's go get the cat!"

We got to the shelter and told them what we wanted........they brought out a cat and my Mom knew right away..."that's not him!" So back they went and then appear Pinky! I picked him up and away we went.  Mom took him to the vet and the vet commented on what a big cat he was going to be.

In November my energetic, go getter Mother died unexpectedly. When I got to the home I grew up in I pulled Pinky up in my arms and held him tight. He was the last gift to my Mother and holding him feels like holding my Mom. Sometimes we just look at each other and........we know.

So I hope your Pink is something special to you!


Robin@DecoratingTennisGirl said...

Ann what a touching story. I know you really miss your Mom :(

KobysCache said...

What a wonderful, touching story. Pinky was meant to be for your family!

Tete said...

Thanks so much for sharing the story of how Pinky made his way into your family. We do bottle fed kittens for Edgar Co and many of our babies are now in homes in Edgar, Coles and other surrounding counties.
I love people who open their hearts and homes to animals in the shelters. We never know what happens to most of our babies, but I trust God that if we do our part, He will make sure they find the family they need.
Pinky looks so healthy and well loved. What a joy he must have been for your mother and now for you.
And they do know loss. I am so glad you have each other for comfort.
Welcome to Pink Saturdays! You will love all the ladies here. They are so sweet and kind.
Blessings and hugs- Tete

Marty@A Stroll Thru Life said...

Such a precious story. I am so sorry you lost your mom. That is always a heartache that seems to last forever. Pinky is a very special gift to you as well. I know you cherish him. God Bless. Thanks also for your gracious comments on my post. They always lift me up and make my day. Hugs, Marty

LV said...

Ann, it was my pleasure to feature you today. A nice and touching post. To really be a part of the Pink Saturday group, you need to read all the instructions Beverly has on her post. You have to follow those guidelines to be on her Pink Saturday list. Check it out and come back next week.

Mary said...

What a wonderful story. How lucky is that kitty? He is such a pretty cat.