Thursday, November 2, 2017

A Sentimental Look into the Past

This last weekend was a special one, it was the 100th Anniversary of the Ashmore Presbyterian Church building.
It was my ancestors church of my Maternal Grandmother. The church itself is 176 years old but the building was built in 1917.

I realized a couple of years ago when I was scanning their records that the anniversary was coming up. Of course, you know me I had to ask if anyone was doing something to commemorate the date?

I have so much documentation I decided to write a book to mark the occasion

just loved doing this, using my family records and pictures to put this together.

The church is small and several people did a great job putting together a 2 day event.
Funny thing is, if I go back far enough the members of the church are related to me, and their ancestors were the ones that founded the church in 1841. 

the church was beautifully decorated

they came up with the wonderful idea to decorate the altar with flowers to honor your ancestors.
Our Reunion purchased 2 arrangements, and I purchased a small one for my Grandmother, her parents and siblings.

My 3rd Great Grandparents, both who were original members.

My other 3rd Great Grandparents. Phebe was alive but William was deceased when the church was formed, he is a Revolutionary War Veteran

My surprise when I got there and saw one bouquet on the top of the altar, it was the one for my Grandmother and her family.........lump in my throat.

the first day they had children events, food and as part of the Genealogy Society we had the church records open for people to find their ancestors.
The lady on the left is my cousin through my 4th Great Grandfather, and the 2 on the right we share the same 2nd Great Grandfather.

I did a couple of bulletin boards to show the 2 churches that were merged to make the current church.

cousin Fred came both days, wearing his Galbreath tartan plaid shirt!
We were listening to a wonderful band that was performing, that was so fun.

Day 2, was met with my anticipation as the members were hoping for a good turn out.
They even replicated the program that was presented on the same day 100 yrs ago.
Sitting in the pew singing the same songs my Grandmother sang on that date in 1917 was a special feeling. I was so happy the church is still standing, that people still love and attend the church.
I could feel my ancestors spirits.

the church was nearly full, and I could see the happiness on the faces of the members. I was so glad for them, that their hard work to honor their church was a success.

rare...picture of me with my Mitchell ancestors flowers.

Then for a potluck in the church basement.
It looked so pretty, white tablecloths and they used the church china.

Look what I spotted!!

yep! PYREX!! Butterprint Cinderella bowl.........who brought that!

Afterwards Fred and I took the flowers out to our family cemetery.
Laid roses on all our families graves.

Fred placing some on his Grandparents, my Great Grandparents grave.
Love you Mama and Papa

My 3rd Great Grandparents. He lived through the Battle of Guildford Courthouse in 1781 in which his home was destroyed and his father taken captive.

My 3rd Great Grandmother, born in Philadelphia,met her husband at a party given by her Uncle for his friend General Washington.

Somehow they all ended up in a small town in Central Illinois.
Together they formed a church based on their Presbyterian beliefs.

The church stands tall to this day in that small town of 700 people.

If you would like to read about the day in 1917 here is a newspaper article


Susie said...

Ann, What a glorious occasion for all of the members of your church. I bet everyone wanted one of your books. That is a most amazing story of how everyone could be related somewhere down the line. Your uncle, what a sweetheart. I bet your heart skipped a beat seeing that big pyrex bowl. LOL I loved seeing a photo of you. I always thought you were blonde, for some reason. :):) Ann, you are truly the keeper of your family's history. Blessings, xoxo, Susie

NanaDiana said...

What a wonderful tribute to your ancestors and the church and present day parishioners. What a great thing to do. I loved all the pictures. That is a really good picture of you, Ann. I am glad you posted it here.

Thanks for visiting my blog today. My girls and sons divided my Christmas Santas up between them. My oldest daughter's first pick was the Santa candles. lol And her 2nd pick was my mom's salt and pepper shakers. I am glad they are interested in having my is time for me to 'let go' of some of it. xo Diana

Terra said...

What a brilliant idea to write the book and have a 2 day celebration of the 100 year anniversary of your church. Songs from those days, a potluck, flowers, well done.

Sue McPeak said...

Ann, there are not enough adjectives to express the wonderment and testament of your church's anniversary, and the special things you did to make it happen. What a special history and connection you share there. Enjoyed reading every word and seeing the pictures. Very special that your uncle was there to observe the celebration. Congratulations on a super job well done. Good to see a picture of you.

riley said...

Congratulations on a wonderful event. I especially like the idea of having the same program and songs as on the original dedication day. What a special tribute to the ancestors and founders, and memory for the current members.

Well done.

P.S. I have followed your blog for years. There have been so many times over the years that I've wanted to comment but somehow was blocked from doing so. Now, magically, I am able to comment. The wonders of cyberspace never cease to amaze me. In any case, I'm happy to have the opportunity to tell you how much I've enjoyed reading about your family history, your childhood, and your pyrex collection.

Ann@A Sentimental Life said...

Thanks Riley!!!

Pam~ Virginia Retro said...

Oh Anne, what a lovely celebration! You have such amazing knowledge of generations of your family, and we love when you share this type of post with us.

Did you snatch the Pyrex bowl? ;)

Hugs, Pam

ann said...

A great tribute to the church's celebration With a direct descendent to the Revolutionary War, do you belong to the DAR? I joined last year and throughly enjoy it.

Unknown said...

i also have followed your blog,missed you was hoping all was well and you would get back to us when you could.see you have been very busy as usual a lot of hard work went into the church clebration and you were in the mist of it where do you get your energy ?ps leave the header for pleasant memories. nancy

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