Sunday, November 12, 2017

Oh.....I Have Been Shopping! Vintage Christmas

Last week started the annual Christmas Shopping!
First some of us from work went to wonderful Tea Room and Gift Shop for a fabulous lunch and shopping.
How about a roast beef sandwich, with Gorgonzola cheese on sweet rosemary bread and lobster bisque soup and lastly a mocha coffee angel food cake!
What did I get in shopping?
I bought myself a cute wire Christmas bracelet, snowflake earrings and necklace.
With Mr. bringing home a paycheck, I feel I can spend some $$ on myself these days.
so I bought myself a canvas twinkle light picture.
I have bought them for everyone else but myself!
Then some antique shopping but did not find anything else.

The next day my SIL and I headed out to some places that are only open on weekends? This seems to be a new trend around here.
The Trendy Cottage is open 1 weekend a month and boy am I bad when they are open!

Image may contain: plant and outdoor
it is a neighboring downtown, old store full of treasures.

this retro pillow came home with me!

and could you pass her up with her red coat and skates...for $6?!
She will go under the tree.
I sure don't collect dolls but she was numbered?

some bobbles to put on a package

Then on to a new place called the Refined Cellar, in the basement of a old Methodist Church.
Image may contain: table and indoor
new, repurposed and antiques. What more could I want?

this adorable vintage Christmas apron. I saw it on line weekend before last and was shocked it had not been snapped up! Going to 1515 for my Christmas apron collection.

they had a entire tree made out of ornaments created with baby shoes.
this one is a gift..........don't tell!

snowmen ornaments made out of tea balls, another gift.

vintage light reflectors

retro Chistmas towels

more retro towels!

And the lady asked if I had a sister? why?
so this goes to the twins, they can blame each other!

vintage Christmas cup

Fostoria  mustard, only $5

and vinegar and oil for $5

so spent enough I got this free........PERFECT family white elephant gift because Mr. aka Uncle Bob is known for his red cardigan he wears every year and he neices and nephews say it is not Christmas unless Uncle Bob wears his sweater, and the guy resembles his brother Mike!
 one my favorite pictures of Mr. at my Mom's house the year we were married, and he is wearing his cashmere cardigan the family loves.

Then on to a antique mall and I am thrilled with what I found!

saw this gorgeous display! Wonderful display box and all 12 ornaments, so I figured big $$$.
NO...only $20!
love the graphics

even comes with authenic Christmas tree needles from years past!

This weekend more quiet.
But we have a new Great Nephew coming Dec 25th
Emmett, and the shower is today.
So proud of our nephew (the dad) who is a police officer at the age of 23.

Next weekend, on to 1515 to start more shopping and to start decorating.
The twins and I are going to a HobNob Vintage Market Friday night.
Who knows what vintage Christmas treasure I might find?

I want to thank everyone who is still reading and commenting on my blog.
Looks like I won't be changing my will be a sweet reminder though.


NanaDiana said...

Ann!!! I can't believe the things you found! WoW!!!! I love it all--from the pillow to the picture of the red-sweatered uncle!
You did REALLY REALLY good!!! xo Diana

Donna said...

What a fun weekend, Ann!
I am drooling over the lobster bisque!! Love those vintage looking tea towels, and the apron is adorable! The bell ornaments are so pretty, and how cool they are in their original box! Glad my Paris pics brought back memories of your trips there:) Isn't it fun just to hang out in gardens and feel like a local?:)

Jacqueline~Cabin and Cottage said...

Goodness, what fun shopping! Makes me want to head right out the door! That first shop looks so adorable. You found a ton of fun things. So much to love about this wonderful season. So fun that we have the same tea spoons! They are the cutest things. Here's to many happy times ahead!

Curtains in My Tree said...

Oh My Gosh I wish I had been shopping with you, love that apron.I always love the vintage Christmas table cloths.
I need to get out there and do some vintage shopping before all my birthday money is gone'
I am so glad you told me to celebrate my birthday all month, that made me feel really good and makes sense LOL also

I bought a few little vintage Christmas things last Saturday to use in projects I'm making decorated baby shoes also

Divya said...

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