Thursday, July 9, 2015

Dreams Come True

I realized 6 years ago today I got the keys back to 1515.
My Grandparents home that they bought in 1926 and left in 1978.
It had been 31 years since I had been through the door after my Grandfather died.

However, it was a place always on our minds.
My Aunts would drive by when they came in to town.
I never left Charleston without driving by and adoring that magical place from my childhood
 from Jackson street.
My Dad never knew another home until he married my Mom, my Aunt was born there, they were married there.
Aunt Catherine and Uncle Don on their wedding day with Aunt Mary

If you have not heard the story it is something just "meant to be"
So one day as I was leaving Charleston, I noticed a dumpster in the driveway?
I called my cousin because her cousin cared for the elderly lady who lived there.
Found out the lady had passed away and strange, her name was Emma Reynolds.
That was my cousins Grammies names?

Her cousin put me in touch with the executor of the estate.
He just happened to be the son of my Maternal Grandfathers cousin.
They did not have the home for sale yet, but they knew it was meant for it to be back in my family.

The day I got the key, I called cousin Mary as I ran through my Grandparents bedroom, through the closet into my Dad's bedroom and then into the dining room, the living room and around 
again like I did at 5.

I never have been so organized to get moved in before the annual Galbreath Reunion.
I could not wait for everyone to come back home.

Of course everyone had to have their pictures taken on the front porch like
 it had been done in the past.

Aunt Annie Uncle Max
and my 

Donna, Debbie
Marty and Mary

The place needed some work, paint and new flooring.
But it still reminds us everyday of who has come through the door over the last
89 years.
Christmas Eve 1941

we gather in the same dining room today for birthdays, holidays, or just for fun.

Christmas 1943
the tree goes in the same spot


We gather in the kitchen
Grandad, cousin Debbie, me and Jessie

cousins Mary, Marty, Jen and PJ

my Mom and Aunt Catherine

2013 cousins Donna and Debbie

Of course there is leisure time playing and 
porch swinging!

Mary and Marty 

grown up Marty and Mary

Things have returned to its original home
Grandmothers Hoosier cabinet 1970 with Aunt Catherine

cousin Donna returned it home, well taken care of since 1978.
We even have Grandmother's cookie jar, and crock.
Just wish we could have some of her famous raisin oatmeal cookies.

My Dad's Galbreath Grocery Store jacket awaits him hanging on his closet door.

Grandmother would be happy her some of her flowers are still there
and notice the 1515 sign?
It was the last thing I took in 1978 as I departed the steps for the last time.

1961 the backyard with Grandad
Mary, John, Grandad, Marty and Donna
Me, Mark, Debbie and Tom.
We have all returned.

same spot speed ahead 50 years!
I am so blessed to spend time with my wonderful cousins.
Donna, Mary, Marty and Debbie

I can never express what 1515 means to us all.
It is a sanctuary away from everyday problems.
A Happy Place.
A place to go and relax, have a laugh, get a hug,
talk about old memories and making new ones.

I knew that day, that dreams do come true


Ivy and Elephants said...

What a beautiful and heart warming post. I love the way that the family history and love all solidify around the old home, and memories are made for future generations. What a blessing to be able to get back what many of us only carry in our hearts.
The photos tell it all, beautiful.

Mecky said...

I think it is so great that you have the house back in the family. I so understand how you feel about the house. In my family, it would be my aunt's farm. Sadly the house is gone although the barn and silo are still there. How wonderful it would be to walk in the doors of that house again!

I noticed the style of the 1515 sign in the black and white photo. It is made the same as the sign on my house. I think it is charming.

Susie said...

Ann, As always I love your family photos and the story of that house. Seeing your father's jacket hanging on the door tugged at my heart. I just felt that there were many memories with that jacket. Ann, you are a wonder in keeping your family's history and all the beautiful stories alive. Bless you, xoxo,Susie

Elzie said...

It must be a blessing to have all those old family Pictures. I feel so sorry as my father throw them all away when he got senile. Not a Picture from his childhood or my great ancestors. Thankfully I have cousins that have some left lol. It was great to see your story.
Love Elzie

Anonymous said...

Hi Ann! Oh, how I loved this post. 1515 was meant to be back in your family. How pleased your grandparents would be to know what care has been taken for it. Love all of your snaps and you were just the cutest little thing.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Pam~ Virginia Retro said...

Oh Ann, your photos of yesterday and today are amazing! This is such a fabulous post. Thank you for sharing it with us, it made my day! :)

Pat said...

Great memories and great photos through the years, dear friend!!!
I'm thrilled that you are the keeper of 1515. . .
and that you choose to share it with your family members as a gathering place!!!
I raise my glass in a toast . . .
to many more years filled with amazing memories at 1515!!!

pathtojunkentreasure said...

Ann, I loved reading your blog today. The pictures of yesterday and today filled my heart. What a lovely story. Wishing you many more generations to fill that house with joy and love! Milena

Gina @ VictorianWannaBe said...

Oh my gosh Ann, that was such a cool post! I love it, and I love the fact that you and your family and cousins are so very close. That is just wonderful that the house is back in the family. Makes me want to have my grandparent's house(s) back in the family. I'm afraid our family (just the one side) fell apart after my grandma passed. So sad. But anyway, I always enjoy your sweet heartfelt posts, I can always feel the love. You are so lucky!
Take care,

Beth said...

I love this post and I'm so happy for you. My grandmother has been gone since 2003 and I still drive by her home. She lived in the ugliest looking apartment, painted a blue that was never meant to be on a house but her home was always filled with love. I still dream about going back to her home and finding everything in its place. I could tell you where everything belonged if asked. I wonder how much it has changed inside since she has been gone. I hope you have fun making new wonderful memories in your home.