Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Blue Lusterware Tea Set.........and a Interesting Week

As the basement clean out begins I told you I found my Grandmother's Blue Lusterware Tea Set.
Along with some other lost treasures that have been packed away since my Mom died in 2002.
I can just hunt thought my basement for fun instead of going antiquing!
a wedding present of a blue Fenton candy dish and a opaque milk glass plate that was also Grandma's.

just one large plate
I can remember Mom would have it on her hutch

since I did not have anything on the buffet I put the set and plate there for January
The set has 6 cups/saucers, desert plates, creamer, sugar and the teapot.
All in good shape.
I wonder when she bought them? I do remember them on the shelf above the stove in the kitchen.
We would use the teapot from time to time when Grandma and I would have tea,

So far now they are on the buffet

Now for my week........and I have said this before here
It is always a traumatic month for me
My Dad died in January
Other traumas I don't want to bring up happened in January and you may remember 3 years the water mains broke at home and 1515 the same week. What is the odds of that?

So last Saturday Mr. calls me "I was in a accident" He was ok thank god and that is what is so important.
On one Stan Musial Bridge, a lost U-Haul change lanes and slammed into the Aspen
How he drove home on this I do not know!

Tuesday we had to put our precious Shadow who lives at the business to sleep.
Mr's constant companion, they spent more time together over the last 15 years than we have.
I named him Shadow because from the minute he showed up as a little puppy at the front gate, he followed Bob everywhere. My heart hurts for my sweet husband.
The same day my distant cousin whom I worked on the Charleston Riot with lost her mother.

Thursday as I was getting ready to head off to 1515 I got a call the water line had broken there and the city had turned off the water.
Thursday I still couldn't find a plumber...they all were busy so I spent the night with the twins.
Friday finally a plumber and only $169. The access panel had blown open and the cold air had gotten under the house.
My luck is turning?
My cousins both got ill and could not make the weekend at 1515.
Friday I went to the funeral and out with friends for dinner.
Well, I did not get out of bed until Sunday about 11am.
I was at the porcelain throne. I have not been sick like that in years.
The twins and Fred brought care packages and all I could think after 36 hours in bed was thank goodness no one was there.
Yesterday I finally ate something for the first time since Friday and drove myself back home.
I guess Christmas will still be up at 1515 in February!

Hard to believe but the Aspen was fixed already! Thanks State Farm for saying Mr should not drive it and got it fixed before they even got the police report to prove we were not to blame.

And sweet Mr. had made me homemade Chicken Noodle Soup 
and Boots couldn't wait to get on my lap.

Pray I make it through January without any more catastrophes.


ann said...

Oh my the year has not gotten off to a very good start, has it? Hopefully it will level out for you. On a more cheerful note, it is fun to go through boxes hidden way only to find treasures, but then you have to decide what to do with them now. I am so sorry that you have lost Shadow. It is never easy saying goodbye to a loyal pet. They leave such a hole in our hearts when they leave. Have a good week, dear Ann.

Pam~ Virginia Retro said...

Oh no, so sorry for your start. Yes, January stinks! Can we have a pity party? I had that stomach bug also, except my knee would not bend enough for me to quite hug the throne. God awful thing a stomach bug, ugh.

Sorry about your planned weekend, but know you will reschedule for a fun time in a better month.

Also sorry about your sweet doggie, I have a gaping hole I my heart for each pet we have lost over the years. Looks like your Shadow had a great life spending so much time with hubby.

Love your treasures and the hutch display. Hang in there Ann, February is coming.

Hugs, Pam

Susie said...

Dear Ann, You have had a bad month. I hope things turn around for all of you. Breaks my heart for your husband. I am sure Shadow must have been so near the end...it's hard to watch pets suffer. Hug your husband for us. Blessings to you and yours. xoxo,Susie

Pat said...

Praying for you, dear friend!!!