Monday, May 19, 2014

Garden Tour and a New Potting Shed Roof

Wow did we work hard this weekend!
I got all 8 beds in the front weeded, planted and mulched.
I am loving this cooler than normal weather to work in the yard with long sleeves and sweat pants.
That means no unknown weed I pull won't make my arms break out.

The pansies love the weather
How can your resist that happy face!

While I was doing that Mr. was putting a new roof on the potting shed you see in my header

Glad he is handy to have around!
He is not a great carpenter, better electrician, mechanic and painter but he did a wonderful job!
So I could not get all that back bed weeded for the stuff flying off the roof!

Last year I was just devastated that the ferns my Mom had taken to her home from 1515 and then gave to me did not come up. Well this year some did and some came up in the yard!?
I will have to dig it up and transplant it back to where it belongs.

One of my David Austin roses is blooming
The fragrance is unbelievable, as you sit on the front porch the aroma is so sweet.

My Mom's irises are doing wonderful, they just keep blooming.
This one came up between the porch and rail.

This is what I am SO happy about after 2 years my yellow peony finally bloomed!
loving this one

Little by little I am getting it done
The porch is not planted or cleaned yet.

also can not believe after the winter we had my Dahlia's came back!

side of the drive with rose, peonies, roses and lilies.
will look more colorful

Looking forward to a bouquet to bring in.

My little angel is overtaken by the aroma of the rose, see the smile on her face?

I hope things in your garden are doing well.

My Nikko Blue Hydrangea must of taken a hit.
Usually the growth and blooms are from the old wood.
Well it is only getting leaves from the bottom up so I did the unthinkable
and cut it back. So no blooms probably this year.
Last year..........

But that is what gardening is all about.

Have a beautiful day!



Susie said...

Ann, I love that your mom's fern came back. Your flowering things are looking wonderful. You and your hubby did do a lot of work. It's good to work together. I always say, many hands make light work. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

Tete said...

Looking good there. Love all the blooms and will be checking into the yellow peonies. Never knew there was one.
Love the new shed and the iris. I have the same kind of ferns from my mom's yard.
Its those crazy squirrels moving them around like that!
I have buds on my roses but no flowers yet. It was an awesome day to be out there!

Anonymous said...

You have a good collection of flowering plants. They all look great. Glad to see the fern back from your mom!

ann said...

I must have a yellow peony. We are still a week or so behind you. Everything is so late this year because it has been so cold. We will be very busy over Memorial Day weekend. Your garden looks lovely.

Marissa said...

Ann, I love all your beautiful blooms!
Its crazy how those ferns grow, I just planted one last year and its already taken off.
have a good day.
xo Marissa

Elizabeth and Gary said...

Wow wee! your garden is so pretty,all your flowers are blooming. What a great reward to watch them come back from the winter and also see the new flowers bloom
Lovely post today.
Have a sweet day, Elizabeth

Anonymous said...

Hi Ann! Oh, you've been a busy gal! Your flowers and garden look so pretty! I love those dahlias. I've never grown them before but they are so pretty. Too bad about your hydrangea, maybe it will surprise you! Thank you for the good wishes and I'll keep you informed about my new adventures!
Be a sweetie,
Shelia :)

Babs said...

Your peonies and iris are beautiful. I love peonies, but the ones I had in the past didn't do well. Might be the heat. Your fern looks like one I had and thought had died last year, but it's back again this year. We had to move a lot of plants from overgrown or shaded areas, too. I love seeing your pretty garden...lots of inspiration there.

Maria Elena said...

Your garden is gorgeous! Love the shed! New to your blog. Glad I found it! Enjoy your weekend. Maria

Pat said...

Your Gardens are lovely, dear friend!!!
The David Austin rose is gorgeous!!!
The iris that came up between the rail and the porch flooring made me chuckle!!!
We have our pots out on the back deck. . .but no plants! We were going to go today after Worship for plants, but we're receiving a gentle steady rain today. So grateful for this Spring Shower. . .I'll hold off a while longer on the deck plants!!!
Your labors are paying off in great visual rewards!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Ann! I'm still enjoying your lovely flowers and I'm sure you're glad that hubby got the roof on your little shed. I noticed the bushes have really filled in since your header picture was snapped! Thanks for popping in to see me and not laughing, well, you can laugh at me! :)
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Have a Daily Cup of Mrs. Olson said...

Ann, loved the tour! I am smiling because I have Iris and ferns that came from my sweet mother also. My ferns are spreading and I am loving that! Your angel is so sweet and I am loving your peonies. I only have two pink. Just getting ready to bloom. Would love to have a few more! Thanks for sharing with SYC.