Monday, May 26, 2014

Do You Plant Seeds?

I always do....

I love Gardening Antiques
so lets look at my seed related antiques

My vintage plant stand with vintage seed packets.
I was so happy to pick this up!

the colors so vibrant

old store display
Do you remember when they had them in jars and poured out what the person wanted?

another store display I found 

store display boxes

this one has a beautiful interior

fun to decorate with them
notice the cats are hanging around the catnip!

some are old, no graphics
they even still have the seeds in them.

If I need help to see where, when and how to plant I have plenty of reference

on and under my garden bench I use as a coffee table

The breeze is blowing and it is a beautiful day
maybe I should go take in the serenity of my little garden cottage.
I hope what ever you plant comes to fruition for you.

Happy Memorial Day.
Thinking of my Father and all that came before him so we have freedom today.


Susie said...

Ann, That is an adorable display. I like to plant seeds too. The ones I plant last month are not growing. bummer. Hope you had a great weekend, xoxo,Susie

Pam@OurAdventuresInHomeImprovement said...

OMG Ann! You have an incredible collection. I love it!


Donna said...

What a gorgeous collection, Ann! I love the jar with the label, I never knew that's how they used to sell seeds. And the seed packet holder is so neat, too!

susie @ persimmon moon cottage said...

I love the way you have your garden/seed/flower antiques and collectibles displayed. The kitties with the catnip seed packets were adorable.

I planted zinnias, blue bachelor buttons, marigolds, and morning glories, and carrot seeds. Everything but the morning glories and carrot seeds did well. The carrot seeds sprouted and died during the first 3 day hot spell we had. Three blue morning glories are struggling. I think it depends on the weather and the luck of the draw whether they make it or not. It has been a fantastic year for my roses though.

sweetvintageofmine said...

Evening Ann, You've touched my heart on this one....I love/adore anything vintage gardening. Seed packets, tools, seed name it, it grabs my heart! LOVE your collection~~~and yes, I do plant seeds but not this year...too much going on. So enjoyed this post! blessings~~~Roxie

Jill said...

I am going to buy some morning glory seeds today and maybe some more...

Olive said...

Your seed display is beautiful Anne. I planted nasturtiums from seed this year into two large planters. The flowers are edible too. xo, olive

ann said...

You have an impressive collection of seeds and display. I will plant zinnia, cosmos, morning glory and sweet peas by seed, all of which should have been planted by now, bit it has been too cold and wet.

LBP said...

I love your seed display and yes! I plant lots of seeds! I have been having trouble sleeping at nights and you cottage looks so peaceful and serene, do you mind if I curl up on that couch and have a nap? It looks so inviting!



Pat said...

I felt as if I'd taken a stroll into the Hardware store of days gone by. You have an amazing collection of vintage seed packets, boxes. . .you name it!!!
Okay, here goes. . .I, the City Girl who married the Love of Her Life, Farmer Boy am continually undermined if I plant seeds. Lectures, debates. . .so~o~o. . .I let Farmer Boy plant all things out~of~doors and we get along just fine!!!(wink, wink) And we have sufficient gardens!!!
Here's to enjoying all the fruits of Farmer Boy's labours!!!

Curtains in My Tree said...

Oh yes I plant seeds and have already and waiting for them to get tall enough so I can put some mulch in my flower beds.
I spotted a real cute little watering can on your shelf the blue one
Is there anything vintage you don't have ? LOL

Sue McPeak said...

What a wonderful Gardening Collection from Books to Seeds. Love the displays and the room, too. Really enjoyed all your photos. I use to do lots of seeds, but in the past few years get starter plants both in veggies and flowers. I have a small garden this year for the first time in several years...the drought in Texas. We've had some great rain lately...sure helps. Enjoyed this post....Sue

White Lace and Promises said...

Is that your garden shed? I love it and the way you have the watering cans placed. The flower garden is precious. I just told my husband that he needs to build me one of those. Yeah right! I do most of the hammering around here. Love all the packs of seeds and the jars. I happened upon you and will be following you. You won't mind many flowers around my place, but maybe you'll find something else you may enjoy. HOpe you'll drop by.

Have a Daily Cup of Mrs. Olson said...

Ann, I drool every time I see that rack! You have so many amazing garden themed treasures. I am always on the look out for anything garden themed, but never find display pieces. Yours are fabulous! Hubby and I are in the planning stage of a garden shed. I am so excited that I can hardly sleep at night. lol! Hope to find lots of treasures to fill it up. I do have some fun things but nothing like your display racks and signs! Thanks for sharing with SYC. I will be featuring you next week.

Ivy and Elephants said...

Love that gorgeous rack! Schools out this week so I'm going to get digging, too. You have so many fabulous finds. Just amazing!Thanks for sharing them with us.