Sunday, August 18, 2013

It's Auction Time!

I went home during the week to 1515
Working on the Riot Fundraiser Auction
Attended the weekly auction with my friend
want to see...........?

I put some baskets together for the Fundraiser and took pictures so we can put them on our poster that will be going out around the county.
of course I forgot my they are not the best pictures
the primitive basket I put together for the Fundraiser
love all the burlap, 1803 candle, Illinois cookbook, 2 dish towels, burlap wrapped hand soap dispenser, Civil war lavender hanging burlap bag and the basket.
what do you think?

being from St Louis I put a Cardinal basket together.
Some things are game day giveaways.
Adam Wainwright bobble head, Red Schoenediest throw back jersey, soft side cooler, mug and cardinal teddy bear. The bobble head is selling on Ebay for close to $80

Books donated by one of our speakers and my friend at her shop gave me these Lincoln book ends!

I also picked up our tee shirts!
blue and white and the back says
"I had a riot in Charleston IL"
One of the antique stores in town is selling some for us
Sweet Cousin Fred was the first sale!

Did some shopping too
wanted to buy these Daisy Blue ridge set at the thrift store
they were marked 60% off the $110 but still too much for my budget

Now on to the Auction!
Do you watch pickers?
Do your recognize this guy?
this guy is always there and he was on a episode of American Pickers onetime!

Now I spent a whopping $8!
weekend haul

no one wanted this sweet little Lily of Valley tea cup?
It was Lefton

free linens given to you to wrap your stuff'
I love these little kittens

cake saver, have been wanting one like this
Underneath platter, I can use it for more than just cake!

Spode Cookies for Santa platter
I don't think it has ever been out of the box
which is marked
$21, I spent
$1 on it!

Plate stands are not cheap and I got these for $1
I also got some Pyrex
 it is another
red square hostess bowl with the lid for $4

I also got this from my auction friend for $2 and I am in love
Flamingo Pink even with a holder in perfect shape!

I also picked up these numbers for $5
the W went up at 1515
I want to hang it on the wall but in the mean time it looks OK on the Hoosier Cabinet.

I love going to the auction and getting some goodies within my budget!
Won't be going again until October

So what is your favorite piece?
Would you bid on any of my Fundraiser items if you were here?

Have a great Sunday!


Jill said...

I love that holder for the Pink Flamingo, I've never seen anything like that - nice!!!

What a steal on the Christmas plate - can't go wrong with that one!!

Susie said...

Ann, You sure made your money count...what a nice haul. Love the you ever wonder about the person who owned it before? I also love old sweet. Blessings to you Ann. xoxo,Susie

20 North Ora said...

Ann, great finds and good buys! The teacup is gorgeous.

I'm your newest follower.


Protector of Vintage said...

You found great treasures at great prices!! put together such nice items for the those Lincoln bookends!!


Anonymous said...

I can't get over your Pyrex deals! Wow! Yes, I think what you put together is wonderful, hope it worked out well for the fundraiser. Blessings - Dawn

ann said...

Love Pickers! You have some great finds. I wouldn't pass on the Lefton tea cup either since Lefton is out of business.Hope the fun raiser raise lots of cash. Loved the first basket.

Tea in the Library said...

So many great bargains! Love the sweet kitten linen.

Pam~ Virginia Retro said...

Wonderful post! I would bid on the first basket, the burlap theme, just wonderful. You got great goodies too. Love the cake plate and oh, that Blue Ridge china. Free vintage linens for wrapping? Be still my heart!

Enjoy your Charleston Riot! :) Pam

Pat said...

I would bid on the primitive basket, dear friend!!!
Love the Lefton Lily of the Valley tea cup and saucer, too!!!
Looks as if you had a great time at auction and netted some great finds!!!

Paulette said...

I so enjoy taking the journey with you while you prepare for your celebration. Your baskets are delightful, and I'm sure will have bidding wars at the fundraiser. How I love a good auction but not many are available in my area. Your letters are on the top of my list, but everything was a treasure.

Linda @ A La Carte said...

I think your baskets are great and I do love Lavender! That little teacup is so pretty and I would have jumped for joy when they handed me the kitty linens to wrap things in. Of course I am always happy to see Flamingo Pyrex! All in all, you did great. Thanks for sharing at TTF!

Diane said...

Great deals! Love that cat embroidery-- free? Wow!

Decor To Adore said...

The first image of auction items caught my eye. :) Love that they wrap your treasures in vintage linens. A win win. Lily of the valley is one of my favorites.

Anny said...

Gorgeous pyrex but I am really jealous of your cake server. You found great deals!