Sunday, May 5, 2013

The Derby and Cinco de Mayo Remind Me of Something Different

Something very important happened
110 years ago........How can that be?

I can never think of a Saturday Derby 
Day without thinking of my Maternal Grandfather

He was born May 5, 1903
"Pa" as he was known to me.

Born on a farm
His father farmed and was in politics

Times were hard and he was only allowed to 
finish 8th grade so he could get a job.
But I never anyone more intelligent then Pa.

He ran off to the Christian Church Parsonage
in 1922 and married Grandma
they were 19.
In 1925 they had my Mother
their only child

They moved to Detroit MI 
where he got a job with GM
They lived a good life even during the depression.
I loved to hear stories about shopping trips to
Hudson's department store.
Leicester Court Apartment Detroit Michigan

They did have to move to a smaller apartment for 
awhile and when work at GM was slow Pa 
did repair work for people in the apartment house.
He always worked hard.
By 1939 there was an opportunity to move home.
He bought his brother in law's 
Shell gas station
He was on the corner of 6th and Madison from 1939-1973
It provided a good life for my Grandparents
He was a good Christian man
He was the first person in his Masonic Lodge to earn a 33 degree
He and Grandmother were Grand Lectures and traveled around
the state. They had many friends, took trips, had frequent dinner parties.

But there was plenty of time to spend spoiling my 
brother and I.
Saturdays were spent going to see them.
I got to have a Coke out of the Coke machine!
We parked at the station and walked up town
to shop. Those are my favorite memories.

My Mother said he mellowed over the years
Christmas 1969 I asked him to pose with my Chatty Cathy
And of course he complied.
Mom thought he would of never of done that before.

My Grandmother died in 1984.
Mom was worried about him but he did great.
He mastered the microwave very well!
He enjoyed modern conveniences.
He said once
"the good ole day? You can have them, I think NOW is the 
good days"
His vision was leaving him, but he developed his own
way of being independent.
When my Mom retired, they 2 of them spent
so much time together. How many people get enjoy
their parent when they retire?

He watched As The World Turns
and he would keep me updated on it.
He knew I wanted a Hoosier cabinet, so he bought one for me 
and had it delivered.
During rough times when I bought a car with no radio
he made sure one was installed for me.
What ever I needed he was there in mind and heart.
He lived at home until he was 91.

One thing I loved was when Telemarketers
started he got one good.
After they gave they spiel he said
"Ok, I will buy your product, if you come to my
Tupperware party Tuesday night"
I still laugh about that!! 90 and sharp as a tack.
The person never called back!

I admire he so
Hard Working

All wrapped up in one word 

Happy Birthday
Oh how I miss you.

Headed to 1515
think I will drive by the gas station and see if your there!


Sunny Simple Life said...

What wonderful warm memories of your Pa. Sounds like a good man and you were so lucky to have him. I see so many kids now without that good strong ethical guidance. I think that is the basis for many of our country's problems.

Pam~ Virginia Retro said...

Just love this post, thanks for sharing your wonderful "Pa" with us. Your photos are fantastic Ann!

Ivy, Phyllis and Me! said...

Good Afternoon Ann, You have such wonderful memories of your grandparents.
I love your grandmother's hat she looked very stylishly dressed in the photograph.
I think it is lovely to have those memories. I was very close to my grandmother, Ivy, and although she passed away when I was 16 years old, she had such a strong influence on my life. I still miss her after all these years.
Thank you for telling us all about your "Pa" was lovely.
Best Wishes

Paulette said...

Lovely tribute to your "Pa". Thank you for sharing your delightful family history, I always enjoy them. Hope your have a safe journey to 1515.

Unknown said...

Wonderful memories. Thanks for sharing them with us. I always love to read about your family.

Lottie said...

Thank you for sharing your memories of Pa! He sounds like the most wonderful person! Love all the old photos!

On Crooked Creek said...

Blessed, heart~warming tribute to a life well lived and remembered, dear friend!!!
I loved seeing the black & white photos!!!
Be sure to "honk" when you drive by the gas station. Perhaps he'll wave his cap as you pass by!!!

Jacqueline~Cabin and Cottage said...

What a lovely story about your Pa. You really make those old times come alive. Great old photos. Your Pa would be so proud of the way you treasure and share them.

Unknown said...

Love seeing your timeless black and white picture and also the heartwarming tribute to your grandfather.

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