Sunday, March 10, 2013

I Did Something I Have Never Done Before!

That is what I thought when the 
local Historical Society said they were having a 
Press Conference and wanted me there!

I have NEVER been to a Press Conference,
let alone presented at one!
This is conjunction with the
150th Anniversary of the Charleston IL Riot
I have been telling you about.

I am the Chairperson, I have never been a 
Chairperson of a historical event, let alone a 
3 day event and one in a town I don't live in!

I immediately called my hair dresser for a cut!
Here I am, not the best picture taken by someone there,
but that is OK!

If you would like to hear the audio and my voice,
you can go to WRJM
I luckily made the 2 hr drive, they had a snow storm the
night before, so the TV stations did not come,
guess they were on the overpasses!

You can also read about it at the local paper

Randy who is doing the Civil War Encampment and
Reenactment was there with his son all dressed in 
their military uniforms
Sam and Randy

The reason for the Press Conference was
that the Illinois Historical Society announced they are having their
2014 History Symposium in conjunction with 
our event.
So we just moved from a local commemoration
to a State Wide event!
I have so much to do over the next year,
but we started planning in October 2011.
I will tap my heels and just saying
"I think I can, I think I can"

We even have someone writing a play for us,
it will be based on Dennis Hanks going to 
Washington to ask for a pardon for the
Riot participants (my family).
Do you think we can get Tom Hanks to 
come play his ancestor? ha!
I was even more excited when I was told
my Great Great Grandfather WILL be in the play!
His name is in the letter from Dennis to then
President Lincoln.
I bet ole Young Ewing Winkler is giving 
me a wink from heaven


NanaDiana said...

Ann, Congratulations! What an honor to have been asked to do that- I'll bet you are getting a wink AND a smile from heaven. Have a wonderful Sunday-you were the perfect person to do that...and it's a nice picture! xo Diana

On Crooked Creek said...

What a precious tribute and honor to your family, dear one!!! The photo of you is very nice!!! Now, I'm going to go listen to your voice!!!
Thanks for sharing...and do keep us informed as this historical event takes place!!!

Curtains in My Tree said...

This is so nice and your Involved big time
I am an Illinois girl , born and raised there

I also love American History

I will keep watching for all your updates

Pam@OurAdventuresInHomeImprovement said...

What a fun thing for you to be involved in! And it's very cool that your family will be mentioned too!

Have a great day.

Paulette said...

I can't think of anyone more qualified to head up this event. Congratulations, Ann.

Sara said...

It really is exciting and I know how hard you are working on all preparations! They are lucky to have you in charge, it will be a wonderful event for sure! You did awesome at the press conference, you sounded so professional! I am so proud of you! :))

Donna said...

Ann, Congratulations on being elected. I could NEVER stand up in front of a group and talk. One of my worst fears. I'm sure you will do a wonderful job with the task ahead.