Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Victorian Necklace

This is one of the most beautiful pieces of jewelry I own

It looks like someone from Downton Abbey might be wearing?

I love the design, looks like it is dripping amethyst's

It belonged to my Maternal Great Great Grandmother
This is Margaret Ellen Wilson Cash
born in 1856
This is the youngest picture I have of her, this was in 
The baby is my Grandmother, being held by her Mother, with her Grandmother on the rt.
I wish had the necklaces and brooches they have on in the picture.
I wish I knew the history of the necklace.
It is not her birthstone
I do love to wear it.
and one day when I was at my jeweler
I found earrings the were almost a perfect match!
They were meant to be.
I hope GGGrandmother Margaret knows how much I love it.


Olive said...

It is marvelous Ann. I would not have a thing to wear with it.

Paulette said...

What a stunning piece of jewelry. I certainly can see someone from Downton Abbey wearing that necklace.


What a lovely piece of jewelry and a wonderful heiloom from your Ggrand. I love how the earings match perfectly too! Yes, the lovely ladies in your pics have such pretty pieces on too. I'm sure the ladies at Downton wear jewelry as gorgeous as yours. So glad you liked my finds and yes, the "High Tea" dome is great, I didn't cared if the pedestal had broken, so I got it for $4!! Big hugs,

sweetvintageofmine said...

Oh, to have such a beautiful heirloom piece! Such a treasure~~~~the earrings are perfect with it! Have a wonderful week! Roxie

Ivy, Phyllis and Me! said...

Good Morning Ann, What a beautiful piece of Victorian jewellery and with such history. To own something, which your great grandmother touched and wore, must be a wonderful feeling. I have cookery books which my grandmother used and I think of her every time I touch them.
I am a very sentimental person, so I was drawn to the title of your blog.
I found you via Second Time Around and have enjoyed reading your blog and have become a new follower.
I am looking forward to many more posts.
If you would like to visit me at Ivy Phyllis and Me! you would be more than welcome.
Sending you best wishes from England.

Sara said...

It does look like something they would wear on Downton Abbey! I love that show! What a beautiful piece and what history it has. I'm so glad you have it and I'm sure your gggrandmother is too! :)

On Crooked Creek said...

What an exquisite and unique heirloom,dear friend!!!
How precious to have a photo of those in your heritage!
The earrings compliment the necklace, quite nicely!!!

susie @ persimmon moon cottage said...

That is a beautiful necklace and earrings, set. It's amazing that you found matching earrings. That is exactly my style of jewelry. I love amethysts. Maybe your Great grandmother liked purple, or maybe it was a gift. I've read that in Victorian times various stones represented the feelings of the gift giver. It was fun to see the jewelry that they were wearing in the pictures, also. Do you wear the necklace and earrings very often? I have cameos that I love, but they don't go with most of the clothes that I wear.I sometimes just get the cameos out and look at them.