Wednesday, February 13, 2013

A Little WWII Meal Planning

Meal Planning during WWII how to be difficult.
Because of the rations on most flour, sugar, meat and butter among other things.

picked up this great piece of Snowflake Pyrex and the 
WWII Meal Planning Guide
I find alot of things in the boxes here at 1515
but my family must of used all their rations stamps.
I have never found any.

Not just food tips but attitude tips!

I am sure there was alot of cooking going on at the ole
1515 kitchen in the 1940's
Grandmother had to make do with what she had as she 
waited for her loved ones to come home.

Her son in law and my Dad
to walk through the door at 1515 safe and sound


Susie said...

Ann, What wonderful keepsakes you have. The photo of your father on the walk to your home there, is really something. There's a blog called "Cutains In My Tree", you should visit...I think she collects pyrex also. xoxox, Susie

Lottie said...

Anne, what a wonderful picture of your dad! Thank you for sharing it!

Denise @ secondtimearoundfinds said...

Great piece of Pyrex. I collect W.W.2 paper items yours are

On Crooked Creek said...

Great Post!!!
"Mr. Ed" and I are going through the "old" family photos and trying desperately to preserve them for our son with a few stories, also!!!
The photo of your Dad is so heart~warming!!! My Dad was Navy!
Happy Valentine's Day from my~heart~to~yours!!!

Donna said...

What great treasures, Ann! We sure do have it easy compared to our parents, don't we? My mom likes to tell stories about the rationing, and how even things like shoes and clothes were hard to come by during the war.

ann said...

Looks as thought you have found some good advice that still holds true today, advice that we should all follow. Cooking from scratch.

Cindy (Applestone Cottage) said...

I love that Pyrex Ann !
Such a great color.
The whole post is fun and original, thanks for sharing with us.

Tammy's in Love said...

I found newspaper and Saturday Evening Post magazines from 44-45 in the attic of our house in 1982; see my posts on Saturday Evening Post Spinner for ideas on graphic use! Great fun find in your house!

Unknown said...

Isn't if fun to sort through boxes? You never know what you'll find!!


Have a Daily Cup of Mrs. Olson said...

Oh, I have that same sweet Pyrex, Ann. Love it! I can't even imagine what it was like trying to cook a meal then. We have it so darn easy! Oh what fun we would have sorting through boxes together. I love the hunt as much as the find! Thanks for sharing with SYC.