Friday, August 31, 2012

Grandma's Mid Century Hutch and Buffet

I have noticed lately a increased interest in 
Mid Century vintage furniture.
I even follow a blog
He has a booth in a antique mall that I frequent and he is from 
St. Louis, so I can pick up some tips from
him about new local places to shop.
And today I discovered a new
place opened 2 blocks from 1515
called Swanky Retro!

I know....
if your following me your thinking?
"mid century furniture? Ann?"

Well, yes actually I do!

My Grandmother's hutch and buffet fit the bill.
When my Grandparents moved to a new house in 1965, they bought ALL new furniture.
I am sure my Grandmother was thrilled to have all new living, dining and bedroom furniture.
I bought my house a month after my Grandfather died in 1995. The Modern
design is not my taste, but it was free and it was my Grandmother's pride in joy.

So it actually fits in well with my other pieces. I had longed for a
big beautiful oak hutch......but how can you beat a piece that was so loved.

Straight lines, no curves.
Made by Bassett. I even have the original tags with the prices.

So maybe I was just ahead of my time in keeping it!
or that is what I will tell myself.

So the really old, blends well with the somewhat old.
Thought I would give you a hint of Fall here.

So next time you see a piece of Mid Century furniture, it maybe
worth a second look as the NEW antique.


Joining Claudia


Michele M./ Finch Rest said...

WELL DONE- looks great....and to know what joy it brought your Grandma, how precious is that?

Your whole dining room looks wonderful!

Have a wonderful safe and happy holiday weekend!

Anonymous said...

Hi Ann! Oh, I just love to hear the stories behind these loved pieces. It's a nice hutch and so big! I see you have the sideboard too! Your dining room looks so pretty and all Falled up! ;)
Be a sweetie,
Shelia :)

Jill said...

That's a really special piece, it fits in very nice!! You're lucky to have it....

craftyles said...

I love the way the hutch fits into your dining room. It is a special piece. I have my Moms dining room table(not my ideal style) but loved nonetheless.

Anita Diaz said...

I LOVE mid-century anything and that furniture is just fabulous!!! I just got a double tier fiberglass lampshade that I just love and some atomic patterned dishes. You are so lucky to have those pieces too. They are quite pricey in certain markets.

Linda @ A La Carte said...

I have a love of Mid Century furniture! I am very impressed how you combined it with your other furniture! These pieces that came from you family are special to you I know.

Donna said...

That looks fantastic! I love the fall decor in your dining room. I also fell in love with Greta's sweet face! Have a wonderful weekend... Donna

Lynn said...

Excellent foresight, Ann. Nice to meet you.

Gail said...

It's beautiful Ann and looks lovely in your home! Enjoy your weekend, Gail

Claudia said...

You were ahead of your time, Ann! Now it is all the rage - I have a friend here locally (much younger than me) who has decorated her entire house in Mid-Century Modern.

But the thing that makes this treasure a treasure is that is was your Grandmother's.

Thanks so much for sharing and joining in on my party! Come back next week.


Joanne said...

I think it's Gorgeous! and since this style is so sought after'll be the envy of all!
Blessings, Joanne

Anonymous said...

Just love that you have your grandmother's sideboard, for sure it's a treasure. Thanks for stopping by my place and your sweet comment about Mama's pink gooseberry Pyrex! Hugs ~ Mary

Susie said...

Bassett used to be tops in furniture. Your grandmother was ahead of her time with this piece. I'd love to own anything that could have been my grandmothers. Smiles, Susie

NanaDiana said...

How wonderful to have that piece from your grabdmother-I love the old Bassett pieces. They were very well made. xo Diana ps. you were WAY ahead of your time-

Babajeza said...

I would always place a piece of my grandmother's furniture but I haven't one. My cousins took the stuff and don't even like it that much so it is stored somewhere in the basement. We have a table of my husband's granny, which is really lovely. :-)
You dining room looks very cosy.

ann said...

Hi Ann. I have missed a couple of post--back to work, you know. I do like the modern hutch and the fact that it is a family heirloom makes it more special. Good stories come from old pieces. But I especially like your post on old recipes. I have my mom's recipe box and cookbooks--the Joy of Cooking--same volume as yours with the card taped inside from her mother in law. The collection of handwritten recipes, again passed around the school. She was the attendance office for a junior high. The other cookbook simply titled Joy. A hodge podge of cookbooks crammed into a small space, precious treasures really do represent our heritage. I loved seeing the photos and reading your narrative, bring back my own memories.

Jacqueline~Cabin and Cottage said...

This piece works well in your dining room. I do think you're ahead of the curve! Your fall decor is so cozy!

Chenille Cottage said...

A beautiful hutch chocked full of precious memories
I love your warm and cozy dining room and I'm sure your friends and family do too.

Maureen Wyatt said...

That's the era my daughter favours. Since you know how much it meant to your grandparents, yours is so much more special! ~ Maureen

Sally Annie Magundy said...

How wonderful to have your Grandma's hutch Ann! It looks lovely and right at home with your other pieces and it has such a place in your heart.

I've moved a piece of that maple-y Early American of my mothers into my house and much to my surprise, it looks okay with my other furniture. I have always loved it because of childhood memories attached to it, but it never was to my taste. Well who knew, huh?!

Haworth said...

That's such a lovely hutch, Ann. And all the more beautiful for having belonged to your grandmother. It's so wonderful when pieces are handed down in families.