Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Do You Ever Wonder........

When I am gone from this life will I be remembered?
For those of you with children and grandchildren, it probably has never entered your mind.
Or has it?

For those of us that do not children, I feel like when I am gone
that it's....

Since my cousin gave me my Great Aunt's pictures, papers and letters
I feel very close to 3 ladies. And I tell myself 50-70 years after they 
are gone...they are not forgotten.
They did not have children either, somehow I am like a sponge trying to soak
all the information I can about them.

Aunt Emma
My Great Grandfathers baby sister, youngest of 12.
I think she was so pretty.
Never married, probably due the fact she contracted
polio and was in a wheelchair.

She lived with her father in the family home on the farm after her mother died.

Her house still stands down the street from 1515.
After her father died she moved off the farm and lived at this house from
1900-1941 until her death. Her sisters when widowed would come live with her.
She lived the longest, dying in 1941 just after my Great Grandfather
I have the stories about her and now I have her things.
her autograph book
But recently I was was reading about what her niece wrote about her.
The written words of Aunt Annie brings these people to life.

"Aunt Emma was always cheerful. She welcomed us whole-heartily when we went to see her and we did that often. She liked to hear the news of the kindred. She enjoyed a funny story, a joke and we had many good laughs together. 
She always enjoyed being outdoors, even as a child. While living at 810 Jackson, she often sat on the front porch. She exchanged greetings to those that passed by. Many stopped by to visit and there were always plenty of chairs on the front porch. One little boy about 10 often visited and like to play chicken or other similar games with her. 
After she died, he asked if he could have a picture of her. A studio photograph of her was given to him.
That pleasant companionship of a child and elderly lady, reminded her nieces and nephews of how pleasant and kind she had always been to us, which we could recall from our earliest memories.
The happiest times I had with her companionship centered around music.
She taught me to play the organ. In later years I especially enjoyed playing duets with her after she bought her piano."
Sitting on her front porch with her sister, sister in law and nephews.
Look at her flowers, the elephant ears!

The last picture I have of Aunt Emma is with my Great Grandfather at the 1940
Galbreath Reunion.

Aunt Emma, you are not forgotten.
As we drive or walk by your house...
As I listen to cousins talk about visiting you or staying the summer with you...
I guess as long as you make a impact on others lives you will not be forgotten.
Thanks for the lesson.

Next week...........Aunt Effie


Sara said...

Oh Ann...this is wonderful! It is so interesting and beautifully done :)) It's amazing how you remember your heritage and have so many wonderful treasures.

Sunny Simple Life said...

What a wonderful post. I have all of my mom's photos which were her family's. My grandmother kept extensive diaries her entire life. I love to read them.

Olive said...

Ann, sometimes I think who might attend my funeral. I prefer to think about enriching the lives of my family, friends, and those I interact with on a daily basis. I hope what I do now will have some effect for good in years to come. You are so sweet and active in your family and community you will be cherished just as you are now. hugs, olive

Erica of Golden Egg Vintage said...

Such a beautiful post! I enjoyed each sweet picture and detail. And yes, I DO wonder what will happen if I don't get to have children! 34 now and no prince charming yet! But I'm so in love with my neice and nephew. It is a blessing to be an Aunt.
What a treasure that little autograph book is, and all the photos of YOUR beautiful Aunt too.
I look forward to your next post.
Erica :)

Anita Diaz said...

Oh my goodness Ann, what beautiful photos and memories attached to them!! I share that same love for sure. Beautiful post!!

NanaDiana said...

What a beautiful young woman! A lovely life lived to the fullest it could be given her medical issues. God bless her soul and I am so glad that you remember her here. xo Diana

Sandy Lewis said...

Thank you for sharing such a beautiful and thoughtful post. i would have loved to have known your Aunt Emma!

Unknown said...

Hi Ann, I always love coming over to visit you, and when you show pictures of your family like this I get so excited. What wonderful pictures..I too, have no children and both my husband and I always talk when we go to the cemetary to visit the family graves how one day will be totaly forgotten..As it is now we are the only ones who visit those already resting. I love the autograph book! it is so nice you still have it. I buy any friendship books and autograph books every time I find them. They are such treasures to have.
Have a wonderful day!

Denise @ secondtimearoundfinds said...

I've just joined your blog I've been remisss in doing so. I enjoyed seeing your old pictures it always nice to take a glimpse at the past.
Have a nice day.

Rose H (UK) said...

A touching post Ann. Let's hope we too are remembered :o)

Rose H

Jenny's Heart said...

Yes I have wondered just that. I waned a house full of kiddos. But 2 failed adoptions and failed fertility have left us childless. I adore my nieces and nephews, but yes I have wondered...it is wonderful that now your Aunt lives on through your post!