Tuesday, July 17, 2012

WOW!! What a Weekend!

So sorry I have been MIA and not reading about what you are all up to...BUT
What a great family weekend I had!
It was my Paternal Grandmother's family reunion 106 years!
I got there on Thursday afternoon after working a 4 hr shift.
The twins and some friends went to our favorite local Mexican place,
and we ended up being filmed for a TV commercial!!

My cousins arrived that night and the next day was getting ready for more out of town guests.
The tradition is to go to the local place for Rib's
My cousins Mary and Marty and my Dad"s cousin Fred
A sweet lady offered to take our picture...aaa the table looks real good, 
too bad Sheryl's head is gone!

Then to a local coffee shop for some local music

The next day was the genealogy workshop we had at 1515 with lunch
Cousins Fred and Don looking at where their Grandparents use to live on the plat book

Yeah! Cousin Bob made it from Colorado!
We had printers and laptops everywhere.
Actually Bob and I share the same 5th Great Grandfather and Dale and I share the same 3rd Great Grandfather....but we are cousins no matter what!
Mary and Marty made homemade ham salad, and other treats.
It was actually nice enough to sit on the deck.
Looks like study hall or a library at 1515!
So then we decided to take a field trip to a grave site
Do you wonder what we are looking at?
It has not rained in WEEKS, but the minute we want to go out in a field to see our 5th Great Grandparents grave site it lighting!!!!!!!
Look how bad the corn looks and Coles Co IL has the best black soil.
This land was in our family starting in 1828.

So back to 1515 to do some porch sitting
Cousin Lynn here from Seattle!

Then us girls got DIRTY!!

Dinner at a new place with great food.The cousins on the back right, I have only known about 3 years.
The funny thing is that they live in the same town I do and one lived 4 blocks from me and we never knew it!
Her Dad and mine went to HS together and our Grandfathers worked on the railroad together...I found that out when she saw a picture at 1515 with her Grandfather and mine standing together.

The next day was to be the reunion at my Grandmother's church (see previous post)
The crowd was small this year........

But then Jerry on the rt had not been to a reunion since 1948, when it was at the church!

The food was great!

Then the fun began!

Cousins Bob and Judy have written 3 historical songs about our family!
The add so much to our family and I have only known them 3 years.

So we ended with laughs and promises for next year.

Oh, did you think I was done.........No

Back to 1515 for dinner left overs

On Monday it was time for Mary and Marty to head back to Indiana
But gee we have to have a burger from Moonshine first

Who knows how to get there?

and we stopped in my hometown on the way for peaches

Waiting for our burgers
Moonshine is pretty famous.
It was above 90 but in the shade it was not bad

So then everyone went there separate ways
but Fred wanted to show his daughter Lynn around my hometown of Greenup.
The Embrass is dry
Taken from our covered bridge
Lynn and Fred caught a train to Chicago the next day for some fun.
For me it was clean up today at 1515 and lunch with the twins 
before heading home.

The fun is over...4am wake up in the am.

just one thing to say...

So glad these siblings decided in 1906 to have a
yearly family reunion.


sweetvintageofmine said...

You guys know how to have FUN! Reminds me of my Mother and all her sisters...enjoying each other and having wonderful time together! Enjoyed reading and seeing! From one sweetie to another~~~Roxie

Robin@DecoratingTennisGirl said...

I love this post and I know some of your family, so it makes it all the better! I know how to get to Moonshine!!! lol Yes, the old river is so dry :( So happy you got to all be together and I didn't know you have a deck at 1515?

Curtains in My Tree said...

Wonderful you all got together

enjoyed your pictures

I have had a mini family reunion last 2 years , first one in our family since the 1960's
only local ajoining states

NanaDiana said...

What a happy looking crew- How wonderful that you were all able to get together- xo Diana

GardenOfDaisies said...

I love how strong your family is and how much you all LOVE to get together. We hear so many awful stories of how families split up, it's nice to hear about one that truly loves!

Susie said...

Ann, It looks as if you had lots of fun and plenty of food. That was a great reunion. Smiles, Susie