Monday, July 30, 2012

Remember Me?

I knew July was going to be busy, and it has been!
Get together's for my family and Mr. and more work on the planning for the civil war anniversary in Charleston.

I guess it rained at home and I miss it!
It has been dry enough that my neighbor had her tree trimmed and to clean up the twigs, all the workers had to do is ........blow it! No grass you see!

But I am back in Charleston this weekend working on the Riot planning.
We had our monthly meeting yesterday but on Saturday we met the folks
All of this is Lincoln history.

They have only been open since February.
The home belonged to the B&B owners Mother.
After her mother passed away they kept the property and opened it.
The place is dripping with history.
It is hard to get a good picture, because it is in the woods.
Built in 1880, and became a place to go for the 3 mineral springs on the property.
The turn of the century it was the place to be. They had Chautauqua's there, even
President Taft, Billy Sunday and William Jennings Bryant came.

It actually was in the low 80's so they had lunch set up on the porch for us.
beautiful old china

a delightful summer lunch with watermelon for desert.

Cousin Susan went along and my idol Nancy Easter Shick.
Nancy has written so many wonderful books about Coles Co., and Lincoln.
I wish I had half of her knowledge, it has been such a dream of mine
to get to know her as a friend.
We had a good meeting and I am looking forward to attending the
annual Trial and Tribulations in September.
This is about a trial in which Lincoln defended a slave owner.
The only time he ever did that.

I am so glad it was nice enough to sit on the porch
This would be a wonderful place for a quiet get away.

Then on Sunday I spent the day scanning things.
On Saturday prior to going to the B&B we spent
the morning in Nancy's archives. I picked up a file
and notice a picture and I immediately knew it 
was my Grandmother's house she grew up in!
I was able to get some history after they sold the farm in
1931 for $115.00.

So it was Sunday...
we needed a Sunday dinner, so I put a Swiss steak in the crock pot
so we could have it after our Riot meeting.
The twins brought local tomato's

Cousin Fred brought me flowers...
Then we took a ride around town, went to DQ for some 
mini blizzards and then checked out the Coles County
Fair. It is the oldest fair in Illinois.

Today I am meeting with a local TV station.
Then back to St. Louis and work, and OT the rest of the week.
Next weekend it looks like Mr. brother will be in from San Antonio. 
So more family time but......they love for me to take them 
Going to go take some pictures of my most recent finds so I can give
you a more interesting post.

I hope you clink on the links to read about the local


Anonymous said...

OH, what a lovely charming place! I would have loved to have been there and learned about the history!
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Olive said...

You are busy Ann. That porch was beautiful.

ann said...

Have not forgotten you. We are all so busy. In fact, quite an interesting post here. I love the history and the old house and the people and the stories. Waiting for more.

Susie said...

I love the house that's a bed and breakfast now. What charm:):) The screened in porch is a blessing. Smiles, Susie

Tete said...

Sounds like you have been busy, and I know Nancy.
Be careful with the trial folks. It is not an account of the Slave trial at all- a general portrayal is all. Its a joke to the historians here and they never asked us for help.
We still haven't gotten any rain, but there is a 40% chance at 7&8 tonight, unless they changed it since noon.

outjunking said...

Sounds like you are having a wonderful summer. All that talk about the history of Lincoln would be wonderful.