Monday, February 13, 2012

Happy Birthday!

February 13th is a day that two very special people in my life were born.

Today is Mr. birthday

Here is hoping it is a good one for him!

We spent the day with his Mom and two sisters yesterday.
They took him out to lunch and we spent the rest of the day going through old pictures with his Mom and writing the names on the back of pictures! I hate to find a picture that no one knows who they are.
It was a nice day.
Today we are going to have 4 inches of snow....I am off, yippee and I want to sit in my chair by the window and watch it. You see ever since I changed jobs where I am not responsible for 125 employees, I have wanted it to snow and know I did not have to worry about going out in it.

But I have work to do to..............
Mr. will want his birthday brownies!
This is the cake pans his Mom gave me when we got married. She always made him a Valentine cake for his birthday. I found his 1st birthday picture and yes there is a heart shaped cake on the table in front of him with one candle in it. So they have been used for 55 years!!
We will be having a steak dinner tonight.

It is also my cousin Jennifer's birthday

Here is Jen and her Mom Marty at 1515.
Jennifer and I have always been close, I was so excited when she was born, we are only 10 years apart so I am closer in age to her than my 1st cousins.
She is the grown up Mother of 3 wonderful children. She and her husband are so good to make family time and bring them to 1515 or our Galbreath Reunion.
I am proud of the women she has become.

So what are you doing this that you know I am baking brownies and watching it snow?

Happy Birthday Bob and Jen!!!!!!!!!!!!


Vintage Gal said...

Happy birthday to both ~ what a lovely way to celebrate a birthday by going through pictures. The brownie cake looks yummy and I love that pan ;-)

Anonymous said...

Hi Ann
Happy Birthday!

Thanks so much for coming by, Ann. J is in St Luke's. He has been going there for over 25 years. Our doctor is there as well. I am staying here at the hotel, wondering about the snow. Snowed earlier, just as predicted but more is supposed to move in.
J is in the cath lab as I type.

Rose H (UK) said...

Sending happy birthday wishes to both the birthday folk!
Mmm, that cake sure looks nice!

Olive said...

Happy Birthday to all. The cake sounds and looks awesome. I am still in my pj's with the cat on my lap blogging away and am resting from all that driving yesterday. hugs, olive

Tete said...

Happy Birthday to both and what a fun way to celebrate a birthday! I can't do brownies anymore. But I do have things I can do!
Love the heart cake pan. I used to have a ton of those cake pans and let them go when the kids grew up. They took up so much room in my kitchen!
Well, girlie, enjoy the snow! I am not sure how much we are going to get, but I do know its coming in later today, tonight and tomorrow.
Went to the grocery store here in town before lunch, so we are stocked up and ready.
Do you have a blog button?

NanaDiana said...

Ann- Happy Birthday to the Mr. and your cousin. How wonderful to have family traditions to continue. Love the heart shaped brownies. xo Diana

ann said...

Happy birthday to both. I have one of those heart shaped pans; perhaps I should dig it out and make something special form my Mr. Happy Valentine's Day.

Lynn said...

Your comment meant a lot to me, Ann. I love how you assured me that I need a lot of deposits for the loss I've suffered. I've never thought of that before. Thanks so much for your sweetness. And have a lovely birthday with your Mr. Your brownies look wonderful and I hope you enjoyed the snow :)
Lynn at Cottage and Creek

Amy Chalmers said...

Oh that is wonderful! I am glad you reached out to me about the heart shaped cake! I wish you put it on your blog~I would love to have seen his first birthday cake and compared it to mine. Looks like the same baking pan too. That is really sweet how you make brownies in it now. xo