Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Where Am I????

I am on vacation and my Mom's cousins and I are on a genealogical field trip. You see, I love searching my roots as much as my garden or decorating.
So I am in Kentucky!
I have not had to read what my friends are up to with their blogs.

We were successful yesterday. Last year I found online a excerpt of a will from my 5th great grandfather, and the list of his children was my 4th great grandmother Mildred Snyder with her married name as I expected BUT also listed was Jane Devers. She also is a Great Grandmother of mine and we had no idea about her lineage! Could it be?? I was convinced!
Well yesterday we got the will and it listed them as Owen Snyder and wife Mildred and HB Devers and wife Jane. I had never seen a will where it listed the husbands of the children..but hey! it worked for me!
Do you think my Great Great Grandparents realized they had the same Great Grandparents??

Doing prep research

I think we went through every book in the Lexington library!!

Break for lunch Stella Deli. All the food was fresh from local growers
Susan enjoyed the rhubarb lavender soda!

Now some shopping, I got a pink ornament and vintage Santa cupcake picks.

On to more adventures today, hope to get some antique shopping in! But still tracking down dead relatives as my husband refers to them!

Hope you all have a great day!


Rebecca said...

How exciting!!!! I hope you're having a fabulous time and enjoying your vacation!

Debbie said...

Oh my...the dead relative comment gave me a giggle. Looks like a wonderful vacation to me!
Have fun today!

Elizabeth and Gary said...

What great fun! I love genealogy. My Sister and Mom have been doing ours for years. Its always much more fun to share the news and what we have found with a close family member, sounds like you and your cousin are having a blast.
Enjoy your vacation..
hugs, Elizabeth

Tete said...

Luck to you today! You know you have to do the cemeteries and take lots of photos and plot it out! You will find dead relatives buried close to each other and even if the names mean nothing to you now, they might later!
If you ever need any help, let me know! I love finding dead people!
Hugs- Tete