Monday, May 16, 2011

Cousins Weekend

Well I am home from my fabulous cousins weekend.

Since I bought my Grandparents house, the 5 girl cousins get together twice a year and oh what a grand time we have! One cousin is a professional chef and she does the cooking for us.

The weather on Friday was warm and humid,  but great for enjoying the porch

Here we all are!

The peonies in Grandmother's yard are blooming

Donna lighting the grill for steaks

Some salad

Oh yes! and a little champagne to celebrate being together!

For desert....Grandmother's chocolate honey cake!

The next morning we got up early, because it was spring clean up day. We borrowed the twins truck and we had to load the old carpet that has been in the garage since I bought the house.
Aren't they cute! Mary got us all matching gloves!

The truck is loaded along with my cousins SUV!

The man working the dumpsters said he had never seen 5 women have so much fun at a dump!

Then we were on to take Frank and Felicity around town

All our family in town got flamingoed!

Lunch out at a local cafe/chocolate shop

Some shopping at the antique mall

Checking out Tete's booth....looking good girl!

We were having trouble with a raccoon visiting us in the porch attic. I guess he wanted to join the party, so I had to call " Trapper John" in.

So when we got back................Oh no!!

Someones poor dachshund found our raccoon cage....I felt so bad. We got him out and he ran away like lighting.

Cousin Fred is here! Time for dinner!

The twins are in the house!

Baked tarragon chicken, Grandmother's home made dumplings, vidalia carrots and key lime pie!

The 5 cousins the CCC's!!!!

Did I mention we had some wine??

Then it was time for bed
Silly girls!

Good Morning...we had decided to have everyone back for brunch

I was doing the omelet station

More cousins joined us, good thing they ran into the twins at church so they knew to come!

Me showing cousin Max and Joy how their house was flamingo ed!

Buying 1515 has been such a blessing. We saw each other at weddings and funerals, but now we get to know each other and share more moments.
I am sure our parents and Grandparents are smiling today.

But we will be together again in October!


Jacqueline~Cabin and Cottage said...

Such a heartwarming post! Looks like you have some fun cousins, and that you all had a great time. I had to laugh at the bed scene!

Rebecca said...

What a ball-wish I were a cousin!! Love to see those pics of the Zimmerman's and I'll share anything I have with you!

GardenOfDaisies said...

LOVE this!! I'm like this my sisters and cousins when we see each other too. There is nothing like a family that loves each other!!

Tete said...

This looks like so much fun! I can't believe you all are so committed to staying close. I know that with my family for years the only time we saw each other was to bury one of us! Then we would sit and visit in a funeral home! How tacky is that? I have no family here except for Darrell Cox and his mom, Ellie. The rest of my mom's family are gone. My mom was an only child , so no cousins. Darrell is my 3rd and closest cousin. My dad's side is where my cousins are but we are from Ohio to California! We stay connected on facebook now- I started a group called Buddy's Grandkids that we all belong to now and share photos and stuff there.
Love that you were in my booth! I have 2 full boxes going in so far and still pricing more!
I must have missed this post! I can't believe I did that!
Thanks for shopping in my booth- my sales aren't great this month, but hoping for better when I get this stuff in there!
Hugs- Tete

Sunny Simple Life said...

How wonderful that your family is so close and you spend time together. I rarely get to see my side of the family and I sure miss them tons. Love your cheery kitchen.

ann said...

I have two cousins. One lives in Las Vegas and we keep in touch. Her sister lives in Oklahoma. I see her on Face book. Their brother died much too young a few years ago. You are so blessed to be able to have your grandmother's house and cousins to enjoy it with. Cousins are just the best. In July I will be reunited with my second cousins, the children of my father's cousins. We will be working the genealogy that our grandmothers (sisters) had done. I hope we have as good a time you all did.