Saturday, February 5, 2011

Game Day

Today is Superbowl Day
I will watch and root for the Packers, although with minimal enthusiasm.
I grew up a Chicago Bear fan. Every Sunday during the season my Dad would be watching the Bears on TV.
I myself am a Rams fan only because of locality. But growing up I remember watching Gayle Sayers, Brian Piccolo and Dick Butkus. I learned everything about football by watching it with my Dad.

Here is my Dad in his football uniform. He was a center for the Fighting Trojans of his High School. He was good enough his Senior year that the Regional newspaper named his as the best center. He had planned to play in college, but something called WWII halted that dream.

How much did he love football?

Enough to start the Football program at the High School where he taught. The High School I attended. One of my first memories is standing on the sidelines out on the field watching practice and all the games. He quit when I was small because it was so consuming and my Mother worried about the stress it caused him when someone was injured or they lost.
When my Mother died and I was going through things, I found his play by play books. I guess I should of kept them.....I am hoping my brother did.
I also keep thinking that maybe someday all his passion will be recognized and the Football field might be named Winkler field....I think he would like that.

Thanks to him I will be watching.


Tete said...

Farout! I got my love of baseball, softball- just ball- from my mom.
She played on a girls softball team in C-town before girls were allowed to play sports in school! She was a catcher and their uniforms were silk. I have 2 8x10s of the team photos. She even got her letter C for it. Have that, too- and a tiny little trophy, minus the bat. She lost it years before I was born.
They are all in tubs in my closet in the very back.

Decor To Adore said...

I adore this sweet image of your dad!

Victorian1885 said...

What a nice memory of your Dad! Enjoy the game today! Thanks for stopping in for a visit.


Rebecca said...

Hi Ann-we finally got our power on at 12 today-I took a much needed nap for an hour and need to do a lot of cleaning along with catching up with everyone's blog! What a lovely tribute to your father-I just LOVE your posts-full of so much meaning-of course-a sentimental life!

Unknown said...

Hi Ann,
How wonderful to have such nice memories of your dad. He was quiet handsome too!I love a guy in uniform..:)
Enjoy the game..

Honey at 2805 said...

Such a sweet post about your Dad and the picture is great!

Thanks for the anniversary congrats, but it is the Super Bowl, so...

Tammy@Beatrice Banks said...

aww.. that is such a sweet tribute to your dad. I love football too. I used to hate it but after having two boys, I've been forced to like it. lol It kind of grew on me. Hooray for your dad being an educator and the contributions he made to the school.

Sherry@Back2Vintage said...

Wonderful memories of your Dad. Love the pictures!