Thursday, April 2, 2020

A Little Beauty to our Days

On my days off I find myself paralyzed to think of much but work.
If you didn’t know I am a RN at one of the largest hospitals in the US.
So I did try to do a little decorating for Easter/ spring.

Two of my dear friends from work and I went to 1515 about 3 weeks ago for a girls trip we had planned for months. We had a blast, eating out, shopping and visiting with the twins. 
We were decided to cheer ourselves up we sent pictures to each other of what we bought on our trip and how we decorated.

We have worked together for about 15 years, through kids graduating, marriages, births, husbands illnesses. I am so blessed to work with wonderful coworkers. 
Some I even hired as new graduates when I was a manager. 
We are doing our best to keep each other positive. But we are scared, we are cath lab nurses being pulled apart to go do other duties as all elective procedures are cancelled. This means we rarely see or work with our work family anymore. 
I believe I could face anything with the team I belong to, but it scary doing it apart. 
So far we have not had to go to the Covid floors. But I know my old floors that I was a Manager of are....and when I saw a picture of them in their PPE, I cried. Many in the picture I hired as baby nurses. I still feel responsible for them. They are on the front line now.  
I started my career 40 years ago this year and not long after that started then AIDS epidemic and retirement 5 yrs off I see I am finishing it with the Covid pandemic. 

So do me a favor.....stay home! Say prayers for everyone.
If you get to stay home and get paid don’t complain.
Many of us go work feeling everyday with a pit in our stomach as we drive to work.
Thank you for recognizing all the people keeping us going, RTs, EMTs, policeman, gas stations grocery workers, and restaurants. 

So share some beauty in the world today.


My Grandma bunny waiting for its yearly pansies. 

My vintage pansy tablecloth and McCoy vase. New finds.

Have a blessed day



Pam said...

First time visit to your blog. That you can do this and share your lovely photos at this time is amazing. I applaud and pray for you and anyone who has to be out and involved during this horrible time. I wish you, your family, your medical family all good health. Since my husband andI are seniors, we are staying home and it can be trying, but we are the lucky ones. God Bless You.

Pat said...

Thank you for showing us beauty even in this time of great distress.
I can not begin to imagine the realm of what you see and deal with on a daily basis.
My daily prayers lift you up, by name, to our Lord.I pray for your safety.
I pray that you will bring comfort to those whom are ill.
I pray that you will continue to give encouragement and support to those around you.
I (we) are doing our part with our prayers, with our compliance to the "stay~at~home" orders.
May we begin to see the flattening of the curve.
Until then, God's blessings upon you, friend.

Jacqueline~Cabin and Cottage said...

Hello Ann! So nice of you to take the time to leave a note for me. This is a beautiful post in every way. When I clicked on your link I remembered that you were a nurse and wondered about that. You have expressed it all so well. We make the best friends from work mates, and seems you have some good ones. What a stressful time for all of you. I hope you stay safe. I think we will be home for a long long time. My husband just started chemo and we are both old kids. I am not finding it hard to be at home at all. I'm glad that some of us have hung in there with the blogging. Somehow now a blog seems like the best way to share thoughts. At least I like it the best for that. Bless you and all your sweet friends in this hard time. Thank you for all you do. Hugs, J.

Ann@A Sentimental Life said...

So sorry to here your husband is Undergoing chemo. Prayers for you both. Yes our blogs are not well read anymore I just never wanted to advertise on it or make it a job instead of something enjoyable. I follow you on Facebook and insragram

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Jacqueline~Cabin and Cottage said...

Hi again Ann! I never did see that you answered my comment here last time. Thanks so much for the good thoughts and for following FB and IG! I hope you are doing well. Things just get crazier and crazier. One day at a time. Hugs J.

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