Tuesday, February 5, 2019

My Grandmothers Cuckoo Clock Wall Pockets and the Dime Store

I hope your enjoying me showing you what is around my kitchen.
Still pull stuff out of cabinets, nothing goes back unless I need it or until it is clean!

One thing I treasure is my Maternal Grandmother Cuckoo Clock wall pocket.
I always hung in her kitchen, and through out the year it would have different flowers displayed in it.

it normally has the pine cones hanging down but when I cleaned it the string broke, so I have to find the right size to re string it. 

and this one I found at 1515 in 1978 when we cleaned the house out.
My paternal Grandmothers. I took it because it reminded me of the one hanging in my other Grandmothers kitchen.

They are exactly alike, marked Japan and are about 4 min after 2!
When I found this one it did not have the pine cones at all for the pendulum. They hang on a small space on a wall as you walk out of my kitchen. And when I see them I think of my Grandmothers.

They probably we popular about the 1950's.
And I think I know where they got them!

my very favorite store EVER. Benedict's 5&10 on the square in Charleston.
Upstairs were the stationery items, of course the candy counter and the roasting nuts. Downstairs was all the housewares, pots, pans, florals and decorative items.
 So I have it my mind they came from there.

It closed in 1984 after Walmart came to town. It is a bar now but I think of it everytime I walk by

I can still visualize waking down the big staircase, at the bottom of the stairs was a large counter but as you turned left there was always a seasonal display.

I was thrilled a few months ago when someone posted a interior pic circa late 40's at Christmas.
And a exterior picture at Christmas.

the hustle and bustle of the square! 
But it is making a comeback. There is now a bookstore, I have 3 friends that have opened antique shops which are very different from each other. A stationery store and a women's clothing shop.
And now a brewery/steakhouse is going in the old Department store. I love it, great walk from 1515 to the square.

Now here is the beautiful interior

Is this not wonderful! But what caught my attention is to the very left in front. See that vase?
I about died! Why?

I bought this large vase about 5 years ago at the Copper Eagle in Charleston

I paid more that 29 cents!
But it is in the Christmas picture! Now what is the odds of that?

Grandmothers, Charleston and Benedict's
Love them all!


Shirley said...

Hermoso blog...primera vez que entro..Sigo también a Marty y hoy me enlace a este..Me encanta..y que importante es la genealogía...ojalá yo pudiera tener una historia que contar así..Siempre me han encantado las fotos..ellas atesoran esos recuerdos del ayer..ahora la tecnología nos hace perder mucho de ello. Saludos desde Costa Rica Shirley

Susan said...

Hi Ann,

I love your cuckoo clock wall pockets! I often wondered what people put in them. I have one that has a deer on it. It’s cute but, I’ve been storing pens and pencils in it. I think it would be much cuter with flowers in it. Thanks for the idea! Oh, and thanks for posting the meat loaf recipe...sounds delicious.

Kind regards,

Marissa said...

I love those old pictures. I wish I had lived in that era ... LOVE

Pat said...

Love your Grandmother's wall pocket(s)!
I know they were used for flowers,
but my MoMa had one in the bathroom where she placed her (hair) shears!
Our $.05 and &.10 was called Woolworths!
Lovely vintage photos of days gone by.

Unknown said...
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اسمر المصري said...
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Sandi said...

Happy memories! :)

The clocks look identical to me, just different paint.

al ghadeer said...
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Divya said...
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