Thursday, May 11, 2017

Mothers Day

Mothers Day

I miss my Mommy so on this day but am blessed to have a wonderful MIL I call Mom.

For FB, I made a collage of my Grandmothers and GGrandmothers. Although I realize I have a picture of ALL my Great Great Grandmothers too!

Easter 1984
Mom, Grandma and I

This is my Grandma as a baby Ruth Snyder with her Mom Nina Cash Snyder, Grandmother Margaret Wilson Cash and Great Grandmother Keziha Maddocks Wilson,
so that makes her my 3rd Great Grandmother!

My 2nd Great Grandmother Arabella Devers Snyder

this is my Mom's Paternal Grandmother Emma Toland Willingham on her 90th birthday. I think my Mom looks like her. I am the girl in the picture and my brother is on the rt.
this her Mother, My 2nd Great Grandmother Martha Sousley Toland
this is my other 2nd Great Grandmother Catherine Stiff Willingham
so this was my Mom's side of the family.

Now for my Dad's

My Sweet  Grandmother Mary Elizabeth Galbreath Winkler at 1515
I never knew her, but my cousins tell me so many stories and I feel her spirit at 1515.

and her Mother, Catherine Wilson Galbreath "Mama" who I feel I know so well from her daughter Annies diaries.

this her Mother Mary Hickman Wilson who died in childbirth, when my Great Grandmother was on 6. My 2nd Great Grandmother.

this is my other 2nd Great Grandparents Galbreath
Martha Houston Mitchell Galbreath
Sam Houston is her 1st cousin

And my Dad's other Grandmother and Great Grandmother

Laura Courntey Winkler with her mother Jane Trout Courtney and sister.

My Dad's other Great Grandmother
Margaret Sousley Winkler

and yes the other 2nd GGrandmother from earlier is her sister!

I come from a long line of wonderful Mothers. So blessed that the stories of their lives were passed down to me, and I feel that I have a idea of what each and everyone of them was like.
And, that makes me who I am today.

Happy Mothers Day to all the Moms out there
I will be with my babies



Susie said...

Happy Mother's day Ann. I love how many wonderful photos you have of your grand mothers. Your family was very good at getting pictures and keeping them. Blessings for a great weekend, xoxo, Susie

Pam~ Virginia Retro said...

How wonderful you have photos and records of your family history. Thanks for sharing!

I'll be missing my Mom also, 2 years without her now. Enjoy your day with your sweet fur babies. :)