Thursday, December 15, 2016

Vintage Christmas Finds

My first venture out, well of course it was a vintage Holiday Market with my SIL.

some of the booths were gorgeous and I was surprised of how many 
vintage Christmas finds there were.

Since I can not lift my Christmas boxes Mr has been good about bring them up from the basement for me. But.......where is my garland for the hutch? My staircase lights and garland? My candles and candle rings? Under other boxes I can't lift!

So yesterday I improvised and had a grand time.
My Vintage Postcards are my go to item for making anything look festive.
I don't have the stamina to really clean my silver, but the semi tarnished look is in.
I had plenty of greens, what can I add?
a reindeer that was Grandma's
$1 find he looks like either Snap, Crackle or Pop to me?
he was $1

$3 from the Vintage Market

but it needed something else? I had some mini lights I bought a Home Depot, little boots.
Improvisation can be good!

Oh and the other finds...........

My girls normally go on my tea cup shelf, but I did not want to pack things up so they will do find on top of the secretary with some vintage bottle brush trees.

I got this vintage box of snow for $3
In great shape.

My little elf from my Childhood looks grand with the Vintage Icicle box $2

I stuck greenery everywhere!

I also collect Vintage ornament hanger boxes. This was $1!

Mixed in with other vintage Christmas items

The Aluminum deer plate was a wedding gift to my Parents and I love using it at Christmas.
Vintage Santa seals, and a delicate Merry Christmas glass.

I can never pass up a vintage tea cup, I love the graphics

found this Swedish silver cup a few years ago.

And a few shiny bright ornaments.
I can put them in my bird tray with some greens and candles.
I think I got all of them for $2

Some times Improvisation with Vintage Finds make for some pretty 
vignettes. Hope you enjoyed!

Joining Jann today


Susie said...

Ann, Your decorations are very sweet. I love the old things so much. I like old postcards too. Blessings, stay warm. xoxo, Susie

NanaDiana said...

Oh, Ann. I am sorry you can't do any lifting and find the things you have done a great job decorating with what you do have. I love the old postcards and all your sweet finds. That vintage cup is just precious. I love it. Hope you are doing better day by day by day. xo Diana

Pam~ Virginia Retro said...

Ann, your decorations are so pretty! You did great with the finds too. Your vintage boxes are so unbelievably cute. You may have started me on a new collection. ;)

I love that you have your girl elf from childhood. I have a Santa bank from childhood. Such sentimental value can't be beat.

Hope you are feeling a little better each day! Pam

Debbie said...

Your home is a vintage paradise, Ann! I love all of your sweet decorations mingled in with the holiday greens! Reminds me of Christmas as a it!
Merry Christmas to you, dear friend.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ann! Oh, I just love your sweet little vintage things. The cards and little angels are some of my favorites! Merry Christmas, my friend.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

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