Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Vacation Vintage Finds

Week one was spent at 1515
No cousin weekend, everyone cancelled on me but Mr. came over on Saturday for my birthday and we had a nice relaxing day together.
But cousin Karen and I have been out hunting as you saw in my previous post.

Last Friday we went to Champaign and I show you some pictures.
One place was going out of business after 45 years and everything was 50% off.
here were the picks from that day

this Christmas Mustache Mug was marked $39 but was 1/2 off

usually Christmas dishes are marked Bavaria or Austria so I was pleasantly surprised to see it was French.
The elderly store owner asked about my collection as we discussed it I noticed this hanging by the check out
a Nickel Plate train ticket.
My Grandfather worked on the NP and I have a small collection of his items at 1515 in my Dad's bedroom so I thought this would be good to add to it.
As I took it down the lady said "Oh honey you can have that"
how sweet of her but she was not done
she came from around the counter and gave me a package marked
"Christmas mice"
I want you to have this too!
In the car I unwrapped this and memories flooded back, I had the girl mice somewhere at home? Memories of buying Christmas trinkets as a little girl.
What a nice lady she made my day!

at the place with all the color coded booths I got this for $3, a seasons greetings box full of these Merry Christmas matches.

But look at this!
Copyright 1915
And what a great little book it is to plan a Halloween Party
Full of games, things to write for fortune tellers, plays, poems.

It is just adorable!

Happy to find these little pottery vases I collect for my kitchen window.

But there was shopping in Charleston too!
Looks like they are going for $50 or more so I was happy and it is in perfect shape.
I also got a yellow bowl that goes with my yellow hostess set and a round pixie in pink

$4 for a planter was great too!

Found these at a little garage a lady has open at her home on Saturdays

the pretty little basket was $3 and the toothpick holder $1.75
one more
brown transferware gravy boat for $1.75
to add to my collection 


But then sometimes things come to you.
Cousin Karen had things she inherited
she wanted to know if I was interested?
Oh MY!

Never used!
I paid her $40

Then this!
14 pieces of Fostoria!
square and round nappy's, plates,creamer and sugar.
I happily paid $60 for all of it.

But the best new thing was.............
Handmade by my sweet cousin Karen
she is about my 5th cousin and we met each other when I was the Charleston Riot Chairperson but we love being together and she has been such a blessing in my life.
What could be better?

What was your favorite thing in my new finds?


Susie said...

Ann, What awesome finds. I love that the store clerk gave you the ticket and the mice. That was such a kindness. You bought some beautiful things too. Happy Birthday . Blessings, xoxo, Susie

Rhonda said...

Oh my goodness! I love everything you found but that Child's Tea Set is absolutely wonderful! Did you really pay .40 cents for the charming Halloween book?! It is amazing!

Pam~ Virginia Retro said...

So many awesome goodies I can hardly decide, but I think the mustache cup is beautiful and I love the Christmas angel planter. The mice are pretty cute, and wow that tea set!

Looks like a great birthday even with some cancellations. :)

Pat said...

My favorite was the sweet little angel planter, dear friend!
My MoMa had quite a collection of those in my childhood!
I'm sure they were given to her by customers at Christmas.
She was a beautician!
Appears you had quite a run of luck in the finding of items to add to your collections!
Thanks for sharing!

ann said...

Good finds. I see those little tea sets every now and then and would love to have one,but I always pass. 1515 will be a treasure trove of treasures. LOL. But what wonderful memories it invites. Love it all.

Victorian1885 said...

What wonderful treasures you found Ann! Thank you for visiting & commenting on my vintage lace post...

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