Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Christmas Time at 1515

This week I head to 1515 for Christmas time in Charleston.
It is so special cooking in my Grandmother's kitchen, placing the tree in the same spot as it was that first Christmas in 1925.

Look at the bowl of oranges and nuts under the tree. The tree is small and the present few, but I know it was a wonderful Christmas at 1515.

Here is the tree from 1943
I think of how my Grandparents were so sad that year, my Dad had just been drafted into WWII after graduating from High School.

Candlelight Christmas Dinner that year.

during the War their were still plenty of presents under the tree

I am sure a very happy year
A son home from the war and 2 new Grandaughters
look at all the presents!

Cousins Mary and Martha remember this Christmas, the year they got their Terri Lee Dolls
2014 Cousins Marty and Mary decorating the Christmas tree in the same spot where they found their Terri Lee Dolls under the tree so many years ago.
When I look at this picture it makes me think they aren't really in their 70's, they are looking at the tree through the eyes of childhood.

1961 Mary holding me and Marty holding my brother Mark

I was not as happy on Grandad's lap!

In 2009 when I repurchased the house I knew where the tree would go.
I used tissue paper and vintage wrapping paper. 
Mary put her Terri Lee Doll under the tree.
Grandmothers pie plate was placed under the tree full of nuts as it had been so many years ago.
Also my Grandmother's box of blocks she got as a little girl.

The first few years we had a real tree but I had to take it down before leaving and trying to figure out what to do with it was difficult.

lighting up the same corner

wow look at all the presents!
We have a large Christmas party for all our friends in Charleston and on Saturday the cousins have a "PJ party" we stay in our PJ's all day, unwrap our presents, eat leftovers, watch old Christmas movies and drink hot chocolate. My favorite day of the year besides Christmas. Well, we pretend it IS Christmas that day.

candy cigarettes and plenty of giggles!

leftovers in the dining room.
The same dining room that my Great Grandparents celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary in 1933. They were married on Dec 25, 1883

The next day is cookie making in Grandmothers kitchen. We cool the cookies on her Hoosier cabinet, I have used her blue crock and wooden spoon to make them since 1980 and of course we can put some in her cookie jar

now into our 6th generation of enjoying Christmas time at 1515
from 1925 to a 2015 selfie
Wishing you Merry Christmas from 1515

Stay tuned for Part III
Christmas past from Booth House
next week


Anita Diaz said...

Oh my goodness, I am blown away. What an incredible trip down memory lane. How blessed you are to be in this house and have these memories and the history. Amazing photos and exactly what Christmas in America is and has been. Thank you for this most wondedful post:-)

Sharon M said...

What a beautiful post, and how wonderful that you have all these photos.

September Violets said...

I just LOVE that you were able to purchase your family's old home and that your extended family all comes back together to enjoy the holidays here. What a wonderful way to share your Christmas as there must be so many stories and reminisces of days gone by and loved ones missed. I have very much enjoyed reading about your efforts to bring the old home alive again with all the acquired pieces being placed back in their rightful spots. It was through these posts that I grabbed a couple of brass candlesticks that belonged to my parents and shipped them out to my brother in BC to light his Christmas table. Enjoy your week!

ann said...

Your stories always remind me of my very early childhood memories. How fortunate you are to retrace your grandma's traditions.

Pat said...

How I adore the Christmas Traditions at 1515 each year, dear friend!!!
You must tell the Cousins, I, too, remember 'candy cigarettes'!!!
Thanks for sharing!!!

Gina @ VictorianWannaBe said...

Oh Ann, I always adore your family filled, photo filled posts! You must have the best family ever. So close you all are, how nice! Not all families are like that, consider yourself truly blessed. :)
I knew that babe was you, how cute! Thanks for sharing your precious memories and traditions with us here in blogland.
Have a wonderful rest of your week,

Curtains in My Tree said...

You have the best memories some of them makes me sad knowing I don't have all my family to share Christmas with anymore.

I have one picture of when I was a child at Christmas and I have it in a special frame.
I may just have to show it again one on of my posts.

I enjoy all your stories

Pam~ Virginia Retro said...

Ann, I love reading about your family gatherings at 1515. Especially your Christmas! Wonderful how you have a record and fab vintage photos of your family through generations. Enjoy your special time!

Susie said...

Ann, You just amaze me. I love seeing all the old pictures. Your family sure has keep the memories alive. I remember very little at Christmas times and never any trees till I was ten. Our teacher asked if anyone wanted the Christmas tree and I was the one who wanted it. Blessings, xoxo,Susie

Robin@DecoratingTennisGirl said...

Such wonderful traditions. So glad you have the house! Great to see you and Mary at church, too! Merry Christmas, Ann!

Maria said...

Greetings from California, this is such an awesome post. People today don't appreciate vintage things especially left by their family. It was such a treat to read. For some reason some of the pictures are blank but I still got a glimpse of most of them. Thank you for sharing wish more people thought like you!

Sherry@Back2Vintage said...

You have the best family stories... spanning the years... great memories! Happy Holidays!

Divya said...

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