Friday, August 7, 2015

I Love Those Little Hummingbirds

Several years ago we put up a hummingbird feeder
after we visited my SIL's parents home.
Her brother has several feeders and hundreds come.
But, we would be happy with one.

He came.
He comes every year from about May 15th-Sept 15th
almost on the dot. How we look forward to him.
Over the last few years we now have 3, and they remind me of
WWII airplane pilots in a dog fight in the sky.
Some how I have never gotten a picture of them?

They like to sit in dead tree branches, we can not bring ourselves to cut the dead branch from our Oak tree, because that is where he sits before he comes to feed.

there he is waiting to come and looking for competition.
I notice he does not like it when Greta is on the porch.

One year as we were sitting on our chairs on the back porch, he got right in my husbands face, I think he was telling him "thank you for keeping my feeder full and clean with sugar water"

I have 4 days off and tons to do, but as my friend who has been getting chemo said
"our lives are too short"
Her strength is something I admire so much, I know many of you have said prayers for her. They are working, she is gaining  strength and out riding her bicycle this week.

So I will watch my hummingbird eat in the sunshine of this beautiful day,
the dog hair, laundry and dishes will always be there but my hummingbird is only here for us to enjoy for another month.

Happy Friday



Debbie said...

what great pictures you got of your little friend!
They are so tenacious, aren't they?!
You are right, Ann, the housework will always be there....special moments only last for a short while...enjoy them while they are with you.
Have a wonderful weekend!

Susie said...

Hi Ann, I loved your bird photos. My mother loved watching the hummers when she was here. I am so sorry to read of your friend. I will pray for her. Blessings to you, xoxo,Susie

Beverly said...

We love the arrival of our hummingbirds, too. Sometimes I can see them buzzing our roses from my home office.

Please come share with us for "anything goes" Pink Saturday.♥

Anonymous said...

Hi Ann! Oh, how sweet to see the little hummingbirds! I haven't seen any here but I'm sure they are here. Yes, I've seen Richard's cows He has so many lovely things.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Pat said...

You captured some amazing photos of the hummingbird, dear friend!!!
I agree, life is always filled with "chores". . .
one must "stop" and live for the moment. . .every now and again!!!
Thank you for the gentle reminder!!!

Gina @ VictorianWannaBe said...

Hi Ann, hummingbirds are definitely a show stopper. I actually saw our first one just tonight while I was sitting out back on the patio enjoying the evening. Your pictures are wonderful! So glad to hear that your friend is doing better.
Happy Sunday!

Pam~ Virginia Retro said...

Oh I love my hummingbirds too! We have 3 feeders and fill them each daily. We have 3 regulars who show up the end of April and the rest may be passersby, but now we have about 10. They are eating us out of house and sugar, lol. They love the butterfly bushes also.

Thanks for sharing your photos, and your thoughts Ann, and I agree. I enjoyed today while the dust bunnies whirled, lol. So glad your friend is doing better. :)

ann said...

Hi Ann. We had dinner on the patio last night and heard a humming bird, so it is time to put our feeders. They come down from the mountains this month and tank up for their trip south. I hope you enjoyed your time off, and yes, your dear friend is right, life does pass too quickly and we must enjoy the humming birds.

Mimi said...

Ann, this gorgeous post just makes my heart sing. I wonder if you'd consider sharing it at my Five Star Frugal linkup? I think my followers would love it too, and it would give them an opportunity to get to know you. I'd be thrilled if you'd join us. Mimi xxx