Saturday, April 4, 2015

Happy Easter!

Just want to wish you all a Happy Easter.
Blessed to be going to my MIL's tomorrow with my husbands family

I thought I would give you a look back at my past Easters.
I always remember getting a new dress, shoes and at sometimes a Easter Bonnet!
The most pleasurable part of my blog is reading the memories you share with me from your own childhoods.

Only my 2nd Easter with my Brother and Grandmother in front of their home across from Eastern IL University. My brother's shoes are so cute and love his little sports coat.

A few years later my Grandparents bought a new home

Easter 1967
We each had our own basket, and yes I still have mine from Grandma!
My brother all decked out, the pin is his good attendance pin from Church.
I like my little suit, wouldn't mind that now.

On the TV behind you can see Grandma's Daffodils.
They always were displayed in the same vase.
A Iris vase but it will always be the "Daffodil Vase" to me.

Mine are just now blooming so time to go pick a bouquet.

Have a blessed Easter and thank you for the blessing of your friendship


Pam~ Virginia Retro said...

Happy Easter Ann! Your brother has nothing on you with your frilly socks and mary janes. :)

Love looking at everything in your grandparents house. I want their front door, so retro. You two look pretty cute also.

Our daffodils are in full bloom. Beautiful vase and memories. Did you sign up for my Giveaway???

Gina @ VictorianWannaBe said...

Oh Ann, you two are so cute! The one picture looks like your brother is trying to steal you basket. :)
Have a blessed Easter,

riley said...

I enjoy your blog so much. Looking at your pictures is like looking at my own childhood (although I have only a sister; I am the older).

Our house had the same front door and same woodwork as your grandparents' house.

One year for Easter, my mother relented and made my dress of very dark navy blue (rather than pastel fabric) fabric, with ruffles all over the skirt. I have a picture of me wearing it on Easter Sunday, standing on the sidewalk outside our front door. It is still my favorite dress, even after all these many years.

Thank you so much for the memories.

Barbara said...

Sweet, sweet pictures. Thanks for sharing.

Sally Annie Magundy said...

Sorry to be a day late, hoping you had a lovely Easter! We had a pleasant but very quiet one.

You are so very lucky, you have the most wonderful family photos, Ann! (There's nary a photo of me, makes me so very sad.) I hope you continue in the tradition of taking photos and documenting your life, such treasure to have and look back on.

Happy week to you! xo

Susie said...

Ann, I adore your pictures from your childhood. Those shoes are the cutest. I like your little dress too. So sweet , you have your grandmother's flowers in her vase. Bless you, xoxo,Susie

susie @ persimmon moon cottage said...

It was fun seeing your pictures. The picture with you and your brother is sweet. The pottery vases that you got are really nice.
I am glad you have been able to keep your Grandma's peonies, lilies and other flowers going. Don't you just love seeing those flowers blooming again. It's like seeing old friends and family again each year.