Thursday, March 12, 2015

Another Honor

Well, I have not posted in a month, the time goes by fast and so much happens.

My cold came back and was worse and I actually called in sick to work Tuesday.
They have been changing our benefits at work, and may I say not for the better.
Seems to add to my insecurity of how life will be the next few years.
I had 520 hours of Extended Illness time banked, well they have taken the banks away from us.
All those years I had it, never calling in ill or being out for a extended time over the last 30 years.
I find it very sad.

The month was also personally sad for me. When i was a Head Nurse I had the same Assistant Nurse Manager, my dear Minnie.
I use to kid Minnie and tell her "I know how long you have been at the hospital because it is the same age I am"
Yes she came to the hospital as a 18 year old and retired in 2004 after 44 years.
She passed away, and it was hard to realize someone I shared all the happy and sad things of managing 125 employees was gone from my life.

Not only that but the twins (Susan and Sheryl) lost a young man who they treated as a son.
He was only 33 and had a allergic reaction to a antibotic and just dropped dead after telling his wife he did not feel well. He has 6 year old twins that Susan and Sheryl treat like Grandchildren.

So I keep hoping March delivers more happy times for those I love.

So here is the happy news!

yesterday I received a letter from the IL State Historical Society that 
The Charleston Riot Committee is being honored at the annual awards luncheon, held at the Old IL State Capital.
The play that was written for our event also is being recognized with a award.

Speaking of the Charleston Riot
In February my friend Harold Holzer, Lincoln Scholar was at the St. Louis Civil War Roundtable.
So I was able to go hear him speak.
Was so glad to see him and we did my first ever "selfie"
I need not to put my chin down but UP next time!

Harold recently received the Gilder Lehrman Lincoln Prize for his outstanding work and recently published book "Lincoln and the Power of the Press"

Hope this find you all well, have missed you and hope to be back to catching up with all of you.
I need to pull myself up and dust myself off.


Annesphamily said...

The medical field is the absolute worst for treating their employees poorly! I remember my friend and her mom saved up thousands of hours of time. Her mom retired and was given 1/3 of that time! My friend was fired for having a stroke and she lost it all! Argh....
I am sorry about all the loss. It is hard losing someone who was kind and life is cruel that way. Also I will pray for the families of all those lost. Such sadness.
Feel better soon and have a good weekend.

ann said...

I suppose these days one dare not get sick. I really do not see how an employer and take away time earned; they just do it. I am sorry for your hard times; we all endure them. And we recover, some take longer. Lean on your support system. I think you need them and they you. Congratualtions on the awards. They are well diserved.

LV said...

So many big companies are doing this to employees. I worked 40 years for SWB/AT&T and they have really made some drastic changes to those still working. So far, I have not been affected. Hang in, things will get better.

Pam~ Virginia Retro said...

I am sorry to read all the sadness you have had. I think sometimes it seems to come in waves. It is so difficult to lose a friend you spent years working with, and how horribly sad for that young man's family. Life can surely test us.

Glad you told us about the award, good news, so deserved for all your hard work and efforts.

Employees are losing more every year. Seems anything that can legally be taken away or changed is the employer's goal. Sad that being a loyal long-term employee means so little to employers now.

Cindy said...

I feel your pain on losing your banked sick time. Sorry that has happened. I'm also soryy for the loss of your friend and the twins "son."