Sunday, March 15, 2015

100th Anniversary Pyrex

Pyrex is celebrating its 100th anniversary this year.
And they may of caught on that some of collect Pyrex?

They came out with anniversary pie plates, measuring cups and some dot bowls.
There is a Corning outlet not far from 1515 so I went in and promptly purchased 
10 pie plates! My girlfriends are giving their daughters the items for Easter.

They did not have everything just white, blue and turquoise dot bowls, measuring cups and the pie plate. So one of my friends ordered on line more items......lime green measuring cup and dot bowl for me! I wish they would of done pink. Pyrex said they will introduce more items this year.
Anxious to see them.

love the graphics so I may just hang this on the wall at 1515?
What do you think are you going to pick some up for yourself?


Susie said...

This would be a good idea to get others interested in pyrex. You have a wonderful collection, things I have never seen before. Hope you are enjoying your Sunday. Blessings, xoxo,Susie
PS thank you for your kind thoughts Ann.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ann! Oh, I didn't know this but love the idea and would love to have a few pieces! I never thought too much about Pyrex until I started blogging and began coveting everyone's pieces! :) I have a little stash going on! Thanks for popping in to see me.
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Pam~ Virginia Retro said...

Love those graphics too Ann. Hanging it would be a great idea. Wow, I didn't realize Pyrex was 100 years old. Going to check out some of those pieces online. Sweet! :)

Pat said...

I have pyrex pieces that I received 40 years ago as bridal shower gifts. Still use them.

ann said...

I may have to buy a pie plate. But let me tell you about the last Pyrex pie plate that I purchased. I took a hot pie out of the oven and set it on my glass cook top. The plate shattered. I was stunned. I have been wondering if the newer Pyrex is compromised? I'd keep the label, too.

Lottie said...

I didn't know Pyrex was celebrating 100 years! Thanks for this post! I'm going to look for "pink" next year! :)

AKON said...

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