Thursday, August 28, 2014

Ma and Papa's Edison Phonograph

How about a good ole family summer time dinner
all freshly grown
prepared by cousin Fred
enjoyed by us girl cousins

so if it is a old fashioned summer meal how about some old fashion entertainment?

I know you guys can not believe the things our family has.
So hear goes another story.........

This summer, Fred and I had planned a day to "run around". That means, drive in the country, stop at some cemeteries and lunch and some little place.
I arrived at 1515 and was waiting for him and thought I would get one of my Great Aunt's box out and start scanning somethings. As I found the box had alot of receipts in it.
Fred came through the door and starting tell me about fixing his Grandparents (my Great Grandparents) Edison cylinder phonograph, and said "I sure wish we had the receipt for it"
look what I found 15 minutes earlier!
YES!! the receipt.
I had NO idea he would ask for it?
But as he was asking, I reached in the box and I handed it to him!
1916 purchased in Chicago
Amazing I think.

Not only that but we have the diary entry about when they bought it, when they would buy different cylinders and many were bought at my cousin Marty's Grandfather's music store.

So after dinner we sat and listening to the same music my Great Grandparents, my Grandmother and her siblings would listen to.
Missouri Waltz, bought in Chicago by my Grandmother when in nursing school
Silent Night, I imagined my loved ones on Christmas around the phonograph
The Stars and Stripes forever and even a comedy routine about a man who bought a "machine" in other words a car.
here it is almost 100 years old and still works like a charm!
Stars and Stripes performed by the John Phillip Sousa!

The cylinders look like this and there are over 100
he pulled the drawers out of the cabinet that it sits on, the original oak cabinet.

Just wish I had a picture of them seating around listening to it but I am sure Mama and Papa are smiling
or laughing!
on his 84th birthday in 1937

I so adore my family and my family history


Teresa@1800 Farmhouse Rd said...

This is amazing, Ann. You and Theresa over at theycallmeganky.blogsot both have such amazing family ties. You just don't see what ya'll have a lot anymore. I tell her I am so envious of her family ties/connections, as well as yours. If you don't know her, you should stop by her place. She is all about family. Enjoy!

Samplings from Spring Creek said...

I want to come and eat at your house--the food looks delicious! Great finding family pieces and learning more about the family history

Marissa said...

This is awesome!
I would love to own one of those.
Isn't family awesome?

susie @ persimmon moon cottage said...

Fantastic family keepsakes! I think those phonograph discs are so interesting looking. The food looked delicious, too.

ann said...

What a neat story and to have the music rolls, too and to have it all working. Who does not love The Stars and Stripes? And to listen to it in the original. Food looks yummy.

Sue McPeak said...

Incredible! I adore your Family and your Family History, too. What an amazing thing to have the phonograph, all the cylinders, the receipt and papers, and best of all the memories. Love it that you and your cousins relive and appreciate your family history.
Sue at CollectInTexas Gal