Saturday, March 15, 2014

Lincoln Hat Contest Fun!

Well, the festivities have begun!!
Yesterday we had the Lincoln Hat Contest for local businesses
The twins and I were out voting
1st stop my friend Duska at Persimmon Lane
her husband Todd, and check out the Lincoln hat string of lights they made too!
Old Abe was chopping some wood!
all the hats have a saying
even guess the pennies!
I said
what else would I pick!?

It was hard to take pictures of windows yesterday
Ambero Antiques
he sells our tee-shirts for us
Even Bubba got into the festivities!

Love this theme
"a house divided"
they made a doll house out to the hat!
I about died laughing when I realized they made portraits out
of pictures from our Facebook page!
That is Randy who is running out Civil War Encampment in the picture

The Lincoln room
I got such a kick out of this

Lincoln overlooks the hat made of money, the pennies spell out
Honest Abe
This is one of the local banks
And at night it glows in the dark!

One of the insurance companies did this
Now is this for me? "Ann"
or is does it mean anniversary? Ha!

Well it was such a fun day.
I am really getting excited.....
starting to see the town involved and other people excited.

2 weeks and counting.
Thanks for not forgetting me.

By the way, the old Victorian down the street has
new windows, new roof and they are working on the porch today.

The sun in shining and I am smiling!


Linda said...

How fun! It is amazing the Lincoln hat ideas! Linda@Wetcreek Blog

NanaDiana said...

Wow- That is amazing all the ideas they came up with using top hats. I love that picture of the twins reaching up to the hat. How funny! Glad you are enjoying some better weather. It was nice to see you here! xo Diana

Pat said...

How on earth will you ever decide which hat wins, dear friend??? I must say, for creativity, the doll house and Bubba's tires would be a close tie!!!
Forgotten??? You??? Why, dear one. . .don't you know. . .unforgetable, that's what you are!!!
EnJOY your celebration!!!

Susie said...

Ann, There are some clever people in your area. I liked the museum of Lincoln stuff. Those top hats are wonderful. Hope you have agreat week, xoxo,Susie